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What do you photograph for fun?

I've got a week off work for the holidays, which means my photography hobby is invading the lives of my family members.  Below are a couple of images I had fun shooting during my time off.  Would love to see others' "for fun" images -- so please add to this post!!

The first image is of my favorite baseball.  I like the grunge and discoloration.  But this week my son put it out of commission.  Thought it deserved a photo before being retired.  Speedlite on the left and a white piece of paper as reflector on the right.  The second image is what happens when you put a blue glow stick (those small, glow-in-the-dark rods often used for camping and Halloween) inside a cello.  It barely fit through the f-holes and it took some doing to afterwards remove the stick!  Gridded soft box on the right, black reflector on the left, and a long exposure to capture the blue color.

Many thanks to Neil's blog & books and forum members for teaching me how to work with natural and artificial light.  Happy holidays!



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