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Profoto vs Phottix

Hi Gang,

I have on my shopping list the Profoto B1 kit. Yesterday I went to a photo expo and walked past a Phottix table. He gave a solid argument for that system over Profoto, that it is a complete system, friendly enough to fully control my 5 SB-910's and be triggered to flash via a Sekonic light meter, and all at half of the price of Profoto. The down side I don't like is the external battery pack (though it supports two flashes simultaneously and claims to last longer) and that it requires separate triggers for TTL vs Manual light meter-friendly.

At twice the price of Phottix, what does Profoto offer? My choices are to pick up Profoto for portraiture and keep my Nikon flashes with Pocket Wizards independent for indoor events or to go with Phottix at half the price, by new triggers, and eBay off my Pocket Wizards. I know NvN's preference, but I haven't asked him why (yet).

Thanks in Advance!
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