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Well, I Had to be Honest, and Probably Lost a Job

I bid on a job thru an on-line service, and the request was described as a "Life Event". The people chose to talk with me and one other photographer out of five who bid. Called to discuss the event, which turned out to be a wedding. I couldn't lie to them and had to disclose I had never done a wedding, even though this was on the informal side. Oh well, they appreciated my honesty, I gave them a couple of options to think about (which included me), and asked them to get back to me one way or the other.

I really don't want to do a wedding until I've worked with someone 5-6 times as a second shooter. No experience posing anyone, much less a bride and groom. And, you can't screw these up.

Just whining, sorry. Could have used the money and extra experience ...



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