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Camera Calibration

hkulahkula Member
edited May 2017 in post-processing
Just curious in Lightroom what Camera Calibration setting do people use with their Nikon Camera's (D800 & D700) for portraits.
Does anyone use VIVID for portraits?


  • Hi hkula,

    I am a Canon and Fuji shooter, but I can assure you vivid would be a tad too "Vivid" for portraits. (Pun intended) I can tell you that Nikon is usually a tad "warmer" in the skin tones, so I can only imagine vivid would be too much. If using Lightroom, use camera neutral and adjust from there. Even though I am a Canon shooter, I process D750 files all the time for a friend. I usually use adobe standard or neutral too adjust. I hope that helps. 

  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited May 2017
    Hi Hkula,

    Have a read of THIS I posted a long time back, all to do with Camera Profiles on my Nikons and Camera Process I use (2010 instead of 2012+).

    I use Vivid, but you need to understand what Adobe does in the background with their Default Tonal Curves, you need to change it so make sure you read the first post carefully.

    Has samples etc.


  • hkulahkula Member
    Thank you for your responses.
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