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Liability Insurance (Again)

I had a dream the other night: I was leaning over a balcony getting a crowd shot, and I dropped my camera on a guy's head. Bye-bye retirement money.

First, I should probably start putting the camera strap around my neck when taking these kinds of photos.

I would like to hear any suggestions (again) about obtaining liability insurance, and if I did injure or kill someone, they couldn't wipe out my retirement money.

I can see there are plenty of companies on-line, but if anyone know of one better than the other, or a real dog, let me know.

I don't have a lot of equipment, so coverage isn't that big of an issue. I would think if I had $2 million in coverage it would be enough.

Thanks - Dave


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited September 2017

    From an Australian's point of view $2m is not enough, here the lowest you can go for Public Liability is $5m with $10m and $20m options.

    It depends on what your business is and being a photographer with no working in high risk areas, and not being a State/Local entity, $5m is what I have, because I don't need (hopefully) any more.

    $2m could go rather quickly if you accidentally set off a chain of events, eg: accidentally start a fire at a venue if charging batteries or something else you may think very unlikely to happen.

    Cost, well depends on which agency you choose.

    This is an Australian site, but you can get an idea of what we pay/coverage if you fill in some general questions and see a general idea.


    Here is just the first page of a 'quote request' I just did, you may find something similar in US.

    (that 'heat work' percentage question is related to welding, etc. of that nature)

  • Thanks, Trev. I talked briefly with an agent after doing an internet search. I have to take into consideration what you have written. But I think at this point I should have something.

  • Hi Dave,

    Yes. You definitely should get some coverage. I have liability and equipment coverage. I also have my equipment covered for travel also. That way, it is covered if lost or damaged on a plane and/or on location. All and all pretty cheap premiums and well worth it. One of those things that I hope I never need, but will be glad I do when I need it. 

  • Hey Trev! 

    Where is that quote from? Any particular company or just a generalized search? Curios thats all. Mine is not nearly that cheap but then again, I have a human agent along with equipment coverage and travel etc.....so it would be interesting to see. 

  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Hi Jay,

    It's an Australian site mate. Once I did the first part of my 'quote' the 'Next' then wanted my personal details and I would get different agencies I presume, but did not want to go there as already have one.

    Link in original post above.

    I pay $295 or thereabouts for $5m which I've had for a number of years, got a discount from initial $350 rough quote for 'no claims/loyalty' which does not happen much believe me.


  • Trev,

    I would move to Australia for those rates, but I hate animals that can kill me:) Evidently you have a lot of them there! LOL 

  • TrevTrev Moderator

    Oh the fact that 21 of the 25 most venomous snakes in the world are in Oz should not deter you, in fact the death rate in Oz is extremely low like 2-3 people per year whereas in Asia/India, etc. thousands die each year from a lot less dangerous snakes.

    Quote: In Nigeria’s north-eastern Gombe State, 5,367 victims of carpet viper envenoming were treated over a two-year period. But for the use of an effective antivenom, the fatality rate may have been as high as 35% to 45%. That’s more cases at one hospital in two years than all the recorded cases throughout Australia in ten.

    Still, if the snakes don't get you, well we have the Box Jellyfish, Blue Ringed Octopus, Funnel Web and Red Back Spiders, lots of Great Whites, and a few other nasties, but all in all, no one thinks of not getting into a car where 1000's die each year, guess it's just a perspective point of view.
  • Very true Trev. Interesting facts, thanks for sharing. I have two potentially deadly snakes where I live. I have only seen them less than a  handful of times in my lifetime and I have never heard of anyone getting bit. I guess the insurance companies takes a bigger bite here:) 

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