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Taking Family group shots. Question on Lighting

I love the idea of bouncing off a white wall.  Can I still use this method for group shots?  I was going to use a BIG umbrella white to do it . Any suggestions to get the best lighting off the 2 I just mentioned.  Thank you   


  • Hi - I think it depends on how many people, but if it's more than a few, I would go with the umbrella. If it's more than 10 people, maybe two umbrellas.

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Oh yes, it works very well to bounce your flash off a white wall - it gives you a huge light source. But depending on how far back the wall is from you, you might lose too much light. Then umbrellas would work better.  

    Also be careful that the walls don't introduce an unwanted color cast. A mild color cast can be fixed in processing the RAW files though.
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