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Neil's 'Secret Sauce' Action Sets for Post-Processing now available!

TrevTrev Moderator
edited November 2011 in post-processing
Neil now has uploaded a super set of post-processing action sets [there are 2] for a great price of just $US10.00; cheaper than a pizza.

Also contains a PDF file on using with full explanation of each option.




  • jajajajajaja its true , i will love to adquire them because they are very useful.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Regarding use of PS Actions in Elements. Short answer is NO.

    I have checked and unfortunately no. It can work to a degree, but one of the biggest drawbacks is you can only have 1 Action per Set, and there are several actions in these Sets. Also, in the main set, the Actions “calls” another action that’s in the Set to run, and this is the huge blocker, since all they layers created in the Super Set are actions ‘called’ to run.

    Very limited, hence Elements being a lot cheaper than Photoshop.

    Here is what I found:

    “Can Photoshop Actions work inside Elements?

    Those who are interested in creating Elements-compatible actions in Photoshop should be aware of these requirements:

    • Actions cannot call another action.

    • Action Sets may only contain a single action.

    • Some Photoshop functions and modes are simply not available in Elements, and actions which refer to them will not work in Elements.

    Before a Photoshop action can be used in Elements, the following steps must be taken.

    For all versions:
    • You must create a 64×64 pixel PSD file and place it in the same folder with a group of actions. For each action you want to call, you must create a layer in the PSD file with an image to represent the action. This is the image that will show in Elements’ Styles and Effects Palette. Each layer in the PSD file should be named to correspond with the Action it calls.”

  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited November 2011
    Regarding running Actions “from” Lightroom. YES!
    IF you actually have Photoshop installed as well. No Photoshop, then NO.

    Presume same as Lightroom, [I don't have Aperture] must also have Photoshop itself installed.

    Note: We are talking Photoshop itself, not Elements.

    HOW TO:

    Once you have edited your RAW image as much as possible in Lightroom, simply right click on the image, choose ‘Edit in…..’ select ‘Edit in Adobe Photoshop CS5 [or whatever version of PS], a window will pop up, make sure ‘Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments’ is checked, then it opens in Photoshop.

    Run the actions, do adjustments, once finished, you don’t even need to flatten, actually it’s best not to, do a Ctrl/S to save, it will auto save as a PSD file, then just do a Ctrl/W to close the file out of Photoshop and it goes back into LR as a PSD and you simply export that version as a jpeg as normal, the beauty is you still have ALL your edits if you change your mind on something, just go back do a re-edit.

    If you want to RE-EDIT the PSD image, still choose Edit in… then choose Photoshop, but, make sure when the next window pops up, you choose ‘Edit Original’ that way it opens back up the original PSD as a fully editable PSD file.

    Lightroom Presets?
    These actions are designed to ‘finesse’ an image, not fully and totally edit, although you can if image is color correct and exposure somewhat accurate.
    Trying to create a Lightroom Preset to do what can be done in Photoshop is not possible, since you are working with layers for Opening Shadows, Light/Dark Tonal Ranges, but the main drawback is the ‘finessing’ of a final image is for Eyes, Whites Eyes, Teeth, Lips, etc. as they are in layers and brushed on for effect.

  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited November 2011
    Asked in Tangents:

    Yes, no problem, not strictly for portrait. Great especially if lots of greenery in image with the Open Up Colors layer.

    Sample of an image. I had to re-export so dimensions slightly different as I had cropped the 'After' shot.

    I merely got color and exposure pretty good [nothing else done] in Lightroom, exported then ran the action set.
    Opened colors, shadows, lips, etc. 'secret sauce' action on top.

    Added lots of contrast in the sky, I did duplicate a layer and masked it and just bought sky back in.

    532 x 800 - 190K
    532 x 800 - 190K
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited November 2011
    Here is Neil's Image.

    For those who have not seen this image of Neil's which he edited using the Action 'Secret Sauce' here it is.

    Changes that I can see:
    1] Overall background a bit lighter, used 'Open Up Shadows' & you can now see more details in her hair and the shadow side of her leftside near hair.
    2] Eye Whites: Used 'Whiten Eyes' to give them a boost
    3] Eye Iris: 'Used EYE Crisp' to make those beautiful eyes pop.
    4] May have used brush on the 'Fill Light' layer to bring in a bit more on her left cheek, jawline under chin.


    1200 x 901 - 236K
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited November 2011
    Sample where shot under-exposed

    In this sample where Neil had deliberately under-exposed for ambient to show what it looked like before he bounced flash, I took the liberty of processing this ambient only image purely with just that action set to see what I could come up with.

    And here it is:



    I did run the 'Smooth Warm Skin' action from the second set to smooth, warm up her face, but that action is so subtle it's not over-kill.


    EDIT: I uploaded a new version of 'After' as I thought it was not re-sizing right, but realised after it had been, I was just refreshing instead of going back to main forum then checking, sorry.
    a-before ambient.jpg
    800 x 532 - 171K
    a-after_no flash.jpg
    800 x 532 - 219K
    a-after_no flash.jpg
    800 x 532 - 219K
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    'Tid' from Tangents, Post #13:
    Asked for before/after of some separate actions.

    You have to remember, these are not for wild blatant enhancements, they are subtle effects which just bring image up a notch from good to excellent.

    With this sample I concentrated on the following Layers for adjustment.

    1] I opened the shadows to 30%
    2] Light Tonal Range to 10%
    3] Dark Tonal Range to 30%

    This seems counter-intuitive to Open Shadows but then Darken Tonal Range, but it's really not, since the masks protect certain things, so by opening the shadows it opens the background but by then bringing the Dark Tonal Range down 30%, it concentrates mainly on the really Darker tones, in this case it balanced the background to his black clothing.

    This is the part Tid was more interested in:

    4] Next Stop I brushed in 100% on the Remove Blue layer. This removed the blues in her umbrella; this lady really wanted her umbrella in her shots :) and at the bottom of her dress & also I brushed over all of his black clothing.

    This is what I meant by removing shade/blue, where they were in shade, I lit them up a bit, but because of the white balance suited to flash, and with the fall-off of the softbox I used, the bottom did not receive as much light therefore leaving that 'shade/blue'.

    Also it removed the blue cast on his black clothing nicely.

    5] Next, Sunburn Relief: Brushed in around 30% at a time until I really lightened his face; her neck; and a bit on underside of her forearm, just to show clearly how that works.

    6] Finally, Fill Light layer: I deliberately brushed over his shirt, to bring out the details, and over his & her hair, which can be clearly seen. [A bit too much but wanted to clearly see how that works]

    Hope this shows those particular layers in action.


    1182 x 900 - 488K
  • Trev,
    In your post above titled, "Sample where shot under-exposed," you used a shot where Neil underexposed his subject. Did the action set alone bring the subject exposure back up or did you adjust that in Photoshop first, before applying actions?
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited November 2011

    Yes, as I said, "I took the liberty of processing this ambient only image purely with just that action set to see what I could come up with." Apart from a separate action after, nothing else done first to it.

    That was only to show it 'can be done', but, you need to remember, this action set was designed for final 'image tweaking', it's not a magic bullet to cure any photo out there by no means. That was on an under-exposed sample Neil used to demonstrate a shot he did, but, trying on an over-exposed shot, it would be extremely difficult [virtually impossible] to pull back just with that set alone.

    Images should be processed as normal first and this action set merely to give it some 'secret sauce' as Neil explained.

  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited November 2011
    Julie from Tangents Post # 11 here: http://neilvn.com/tangents/2011/11/09/photoshop-actions-secret-sauce/
    was experiencing trouble in using the set to get an image up.

    She unfortunately did not realise the action set is designed as a final tweak and tried to edit her image, taken under difficult circumstances, 'as is'.

    She kindly sent me the file, and it's with her generous permission I can post here what I did to try to bring it up.

    Normally you would do everything you can in a RAW converter with localised area brushing on an image like this for best results, but I only did as much to bring down over-exposure and then under-exposure to a degree, as I wanted to show a screenshot of what I did with the Masks since using masks was new to her.

    First, the Lightroom Settings used:
    WB: As is
    Exposure -1.00
    Recovery 10
    Fill Light 5
    Blacks 5
    Brightness Default
    Contrast Default
    Clarity +10
    Vibrance +20
    Saturation +5
    Tone Curves
    Highlights 0
    Lights -10
    Darks -10
    Shadows -5
    Lens Correction/Enabled Profile Corrections
    Camera Profile from Adobe Standard to Camera Standard

    RAW was opened directly up from LR into Photoshop [right click on image, select Edit in.... chose Photoshop, but selected Edit Original with Lightroom Adjustments] and the action 'NEIL'S SUPER SET - RUN 1st' was run.

    Edits done on layers:

    Open Shadows: 90%
    Light Tonal Range: 40%
    Dark Tonal Range: 100% but brushed 3 faces, left the bright face as is
    Open Up Colors: 100%
    Teeth Whiten: Brushed 100%, I also turned off the 'Curves 1' Mask which protects around teeth [Shift/Click on the Mask itself] as it was so small an area and not much difference was showing so I gave it the full see through then having to turn layer opacity down to 60%
    Eye Whites: No
    Eye Crisp: No
    Lip Gloss: Brushed 100% on woman's lips, Layer opacity back to 30%
    Remove Blue: Brushed bit where clothing in shade so not as much blue.
    Fill Light: This was the important part.
    Brushed in at around 30%, but kept gently brushing all over dark areas.
    Eye sockets, shadows on faces/noses/sides of faces, over jeans, hand in shade. See the Layer Mask.

    Layer Edits:

    Original File:

    Exported from Lightroom:

    Final Edit:

    Julie, thanks for allowing this to be posted. :)


    Image Edits.jpg
    353 x 1112 - 148K
    IMG_4664 1 - ORIGINAL.jpg
    600 x 900 - 152K
    IMG_4664 2 - FROM LR.jpg
    600 x 900 - 148K
    IMG_4664 3 - AFTER.jpg
    600 x 900 - 159K
  • StephenStephen Member
    edited November 2011
    Sorry, I did read that part, but I wanted to make sure I read that right.
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    That's OK. :)

  • StephenStephen Member
    edited November 2011
    I think there is a bug in the "Old Vintage - Color" and "Old Vintage - BW" actions. I am using Photoshop CS5 on the Mac and running either action on a flattened image causes this message: "The command “Mezzotint” is not currently available."
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Just ran on mine, CS5, all fine.

    Bit strange, since Mezzotint is a filter under Pixelate. Check your filter list, see if you have it, but highly unlikely you don't.
    That action only calls things already in Photoshop so it *should* be fine.

    I may get Neil to run his, he is on a Mac.
    363 x 573 - 109K
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    Sent Neil email, [on a Mac] he ran both BW/Color actions on a normal image [no layers] and his reply:

    . . . both actions work for me ... and I can see Mezzotint under my Filters.

    Can only suggest you maybe trash that particular set, and re-load, but make sure you see the Mezzotint Filter as above first.

    Do you still have access to the download when you first got it, maybe re-download the full sets again. But I honestly don't see it fixing, just on the very outside chance it does though.

  • DanRodeDanRode Member
    edited November 2011
    I'm not having much success running the actions. When I try to run the Run Me First and several of the others I get errors that "Delete is not available" or "Invert is not available". I'm using CS5 on Mac Snow Leopard and have used other actions and created a few of my own.

    FWIW, I'm editing 16-bit RGB opened in CS5 from LR. I've tried several different images but always get the same errors.

    Any thoughts on why it's not working?
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited November 2011

    The Run me first action is the one you run by itself, then you edit the layers created, you don't run any other of the blue actions, and when finished editing, you can run the 'Secret Sauce Advanced' yellow action which will put a layer on top giving that pop.

    Your post alluded to running the run me 1st, then are trying to run some others on top of that? Is that what you are trying to do?

    Just read the PDF again, to see what you can/can't do.

    You merely run the very first one, run 1st, then edit the layers created in the layers palette, those other actions in Blue are there for the main action to 'call' upon to run, those ones in blue can be run, BUT, individually and only one at a time, on a flattened image.

    Hope this will help.
  • StephenStephen Member
    edited November 2011

    I re-downloaded and re-loaded the actions again.

    Mezzotint appears as a sub-folder inside both Old Vintage BW and Old Vintage Color actions, but when I click Play at the Old Vintage BW and Old Vintage Color folder level, the script stops at Mezzotint. I keep getting the above error. The action runs through the first two commands, duplicate current layer and set mask, and then stops at Mezzotint.

    I am running Photoshop CS5 (12.0.4) on Snow Leopard (10.6.8).
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited November 2011
    Stephen, can you do a screenshot and show me. Have not seen that before.

    See my image below, should only be the main folder for the actual Set and just the little arrows for each action within the set.


    2 people have reported problem running the Old Vintage Look actions, BW or Color with a warning coming up: "The command “Mezzotint” is not currently available."

    This is strange of course since it's all just calling different filters in photoshop, and as I posted 4 posts back with image, about checking your Filter Lists, and suggested you simply drag that set [fly-out menu and Untick Button Mode] into the trash can bottom right of palette, then re-load the complete set.

    Honestly don't think it will fix, but give it a go.

    Now, I have worked out a small compromise, if above does not fix it.

    Go to the fly-out menu top right of action palette, and make sure you untick the button mode, scroll down until you see the set 'NEIL'S EXTRA TASTY TREATS' layer, it has a little folder left hand side and beside the folder on that line is an arrow button. >

    If not already turned down, click on it, it expands that set.

    On the 3rd line down, you will see that actual action 'Old Vintage Look-BW', turn down that little arrow also to expand the actual action and then look for the 'Mezzotint' line, directly opposite that on the left side, you will see a tick in the checkbox, UNcheck that, and only that one. [see image below]

    See the Magenta highlight, uncheck where the hand-pointer is.


    Go back to button mode, and run that action 'Old Vintage Look-BW' and you will probably get a little dialogue box: 'Warning. No pixels were selected'. Click OK button and action will finish. You simply go through the layers changing opacity until image looks ok to you.

    If that works, you then must do the exact same thing to the 'Old Vintage Look - Color' action to get it to work also.

    Sorry these people are having trouble, but it works on 3 PCs on mine, on Neil's and on 2 machines of a friend of mine, all running CS5.

    old vintage.jpg
    266 x 302 - 78K
  • Trev, Thanks for your reply. I did indeed run the Run me 1st on it's own and got the errors. Then, reverted the image and ran individual blue actions and got the same errors on some but not all of the individual actions.
  • Trev,
    Ok, I did a little more digging after you mentioned the Pixelate filter in a message to me.

    The Pixelate menu item is grayed out when I open up a TIFF in RGB color, 16-bit mode (it's my default setting when I edit inside Photoshop from Lightroom). According to various internet articles, certain Photoshop filters are disabled if you are not in 8-bit/channel mode. When I converted my image to 8-bits/channel, the Pixelate filter is enabled and Mezzotint is enabled. I ran the Vintage actions in 8-bits/channel, and the action succeeded.

    So, are you running in 8-bit/channel mode?

    I am not a Photoshop expert, so you may want to revise your PDF to explain that you need to be in 8-bits/channel for some of these actions to work.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited November 2011
    I only managed to work out that problem, literally just now also, before even coming to this post, just finished explaining on the Tangents.

    I've never bothered to edit in 16 bits personally, especially in TIFF. :)

    Tangents Post As Below:


    I think I found the problem regarding the ‘Mezzotint is not currently availalbe’ message displayed.

    I can now duplicate the problem and that is you get that message if you run it on a 16-bit file, instead of an 8-bit file which is what 99% of people automatically have without realising.

    This Old Vintage Look is designed to be run on a normal 8-bit file, a duplicate obviously of your finished original file as a separate ‘effect’.
    I may have completely finished editing a file, save the jpeg, then do a copy of the image so I can have an effect. No different than having a color image then doing a separate BW version.

    Can only be run on a flattened image.

    There are 2 solutions:
    Change file to 8 bits first.
    On your Menu Bar: Image/Mode/Select “8 bits/channel”

    2] Run on a 16-bit file, but when that message comes up, Click ‘Continue’ and a warning message about no pixels being selected will come up, Click OK, then about 2 more warnings regarding ‘Mezzotint not found’ simply click on Continue each time until it finishes.


    ADJUST layers to suit.

    convert 8 bits.jpg
    498 x 401 - 108K
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited November 2011
    Hi Dan,

    Sorry this is still causing problems. That is a mystery to me.

    I have tried that action set both Super Set and the individual ones literally hundreds of times in testing, and all the individual separate actions also just by themselves.

    I have tested on 16/8 bit files; jpegs; PSDs; NEF; CR2 formats, no problem.

    Now, this may be strange, as we know things often can be, but have you tried a reboot of your system, then restart Photoshop. I am Windows 7 Pro 64-bit PC based, and for the first time the other day, something would not work, scratching my head, as I leave my system running 24/7. Even just closing/re-opening Photoshop did not work, and out of frustration I rebooted, and bingo!

    Try that. [Being the eternal optimistic that I am]


  • Trev,
    Good to know we came to the same conclusion. I would still recommend revising the PDF, because some people probably skip reading the forum posts and blog comments and will purchase the actions directly.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    I will ask Neil to do that, put revised PDF file, but also in his intros to the 2 pages on Tangents. Thanks.

  • TrevTrev Moderator

    I stumbled on getting replicas of errors, I changed the name of the action, and guess what, would not run, kept getting errors, so, long shot, but did you change any of the names by any chance, like I did, it won't run then, as it's "looking" for that action set name to call the other actions to run.

    If you did not, and still errors, message me above with email address. I may have a workaround, just maybe.

  • Trev,

    Left you message with more details and my email address.
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    Left message for you.

    Over past years, I too have suffered same result with an action set I may have downloaded from net to try out, and could not fix in previous Photoshop versions I have.

    I think 'some' photoshop installs just may have that slight quirk to them, since other people don't have a problem, and when I got CS5 over CS3, I decided to run a couple that played up previously, and yep they worked fine for me then. Go figure!

    I even sent the action set to 2 friends [1 PC, 1 Mac] during creation with Neil, as my 'guinea pigs' [they are not into weddings. etc. just nature] so they could test all aspects.

    Let us know result.


  • Perhaps my knowledge of layers is not as good as it should be, but after loading the action set on a Mac, when I try to launch the open sequence of 'NEIL'S SUPER SET - RUN 1st' but continue to get this error message:

    "Could not complete the Shadow/Highlight commence because the active layer is empty"
    Attaching a screenshot to this message for further review, thanks for any assistance!image
    910 x 463 - 132K
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    HI Rich,

    I am working on completely building a new set, from scratch, without using the 'call to run' action, [step by step instead of just calling an individual action] and hopefully, this will solve that issue.

    Obviously with any type of action, there will always be a couple of quirks with Photoshop, and I have also experienced issue in past with a couple of actions I downloaded.

    It may take a day or two, but I think building it from scratch, using all adjustment layers instead of 'calling' an individual action to run may do the trick, please bear with me.

  • Thanks Trev, I will await the new set. I certainly appreciate your very fast response!
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited November 2011
    Dan & Rich,

    Gentlemen, I have just emailed you guys a completely re-built new u-beaut action set. :)

    Completely done without any 'call to run' commands in the action which I only now suspect may be the cause of your problem.

    Everything done on new adjustment layers, creating the Channel/Masks, etc. as I went, I had to spend some time looking at my old individual actions that were used in the original action to see what I had done, forgot, as it was so long ago on some of them.

    Obviously the 'Secret Sauce' action of Neil's is still a key ingredient and part of it and works great as normal.

    New set is named: 'Neil's Secret Sauce v2.atn'

    email will explain a little more. Good luck!

  • Received the new replacement actions this morning, everything seems to be working 'as advertised' now, thanks! Rich
  • These are great guys! It was worth the ten bucks not only for the time these will save, but I'm learning a bit from dissecting the actions as well. Trev, do you have the time or desire to talk a little bit about how you went about creating the mask for Lighten, Darken & Open Shadows adjustment layers?

    It looks like you used calculations, but I'd love to hear more on the "why" behind that technique. Again, if you have the time or desire to do so. Thanks!
  • Trev,
    Is your version 2 specifically to address Dan and Rich's problems, or do they work in the general case? If they work in the general case, can the rest of us who purchased the action set receive a copy of version 2?
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited November 2011

    Great stuff, glad to hear it. :)

    Now, sorry for such a long post but it's informative.

    @ dakeat

    Ahhhhh! Calculations, yep, very observant of you! :)

    It is also ESP you should mention that, because I was about to explain a certain bug in Photoshop I only discovered late last night which 2 people had, and that's to do with Calculations and editing in 16-bits.

    Actually, calculations itself isn't a problem in 16-bit, it's only when you try to use 'Calculations on Calculation' that causes a problem with only 16-bit files.

    I never edit in 16-bit personally, but I did test in 16-bit mode, and of course the action ran as expected, so without really doing a full edit on a 16-bit image [slap me up the side of the head if you like] nothing showed up for me problem wise.

    2 people said they had big 'squares' showing up on their image, well, it is a bug in Photoshop when editing in 16-bit mode, using 'double' calculations which I do sometimes.

    You see, at least one of the actions [especially the 'Dark Tonal Range' layer] called for the running of 'Image/Calculations' on a certain channel to be able to place a mask on it, but in that particular one it does a 'Calculations on a Calculation' [like painting a wall one coat, then giving it another coat for better result] and if in 16-bit mode, that's the result, big squares.... :(

    Unbelievably around 20 minutes after I had sent emails last night, with a new version, I was net surfing, googled 'image calculations' or somesuch on a 16-bit file, and I stumbled on this guy explaining the problem and he duplicated it showing how and of course I had that lightbulb 'aaahaaa' moment. Go figure!

    Why Calculations: It gives "the" perfect mask result, absolutely beautifully detailed tonal ranges and it is not a hard result if not using masks, like as in using Photoshop's &%^*#@ Dodge/Burn tools. :)

    TIP: I tried to make the combined actions with co-help of Neil to run as simply as possible, so I deliberately named the 'Light Tonal Range' & 'Dark Tonal Range' as that to stop confusion about Dodge & Burn, as they are simply like a Dodge & Burn, done in an entirely non-destructive manner, giving an overall desired effect to the whole image.

    If you want to 'selectively' lighten and darken [Dodge & Burn] certain areas do this:

    Click on the 'Light Tonal Range' Layer with the White Mask, change opacity to 100% [it will look crappy], but then, making sure that the White Mask itself has been clicked on, go Ctrl/I [as in letter "i"] to Invert the mask. It will change to a Black Mask, now, you can merely using various brush opacities, brush over only those parts of an image you want to 'dodge', make lighter.

    Of course, do the exact same for the 'Dark Tonal Range' layer to 'burn' in.

    I have attached a Layers Palette shot [at Neil's request], showing the layers [it's of v2 action I built for people having specific trouble getting past the very first step of 'Open Shadows], also original will have 'EYE Crisp' layer in different place, but same result, when I saw that, too lazy to replicate it perfectly].



    Edit: Forgot to show the 'Fill Light Layer'

    xx Layers Palette v2.jpg
    895 x 1045 - 671K
    aa Layers Palette v2.jpg
    1194 x 1132 - 803K
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited November 2011

    The revised set was only for the people having trouble, for some reason, of getting past the first step of running the action. It hung up on 'Open Shadows' layer, or multiple other messages about something 'not found' because, I suspect, the original action was built to 'call on' those individual actions to run and apply the layers.

    So, if you are experiencing those problems, of course, but if not, no need to send out lots of replacements.

    If you are experiencing the 'big squares' showing up, don't edit in 16-bit, that's the bug within Photoshop, not action as described in above post. Edit in 8-bit.

    The original version does exactly the same thing, only difference is when I created the 'EYE Crisp' layer, I forgot to move it up as in the original.

  • Hi Trev,
    I haven't had that problem the other two gentlemen had, so I will work with the original actions you made.

    I also saw the big squares in my image, but as you said, I was in 16-bit mode, not 8-bit mode.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Great, have fun Stephen.

  • Hi,
    I just wanted to write a quick post saying thanks for the help with my file. The picture itself was poor, due to placement of people in a shady spot on a really sunny day. The action set is not expected to preform miracles but it certainly has made a big improvement on a lot of my pictures from this same session. I have found that I actually like to do each action on it's own and then flatten and move onto another action. They have definitley made rescuing my pictures much easier and are worth much more then the $10 price tag!

    Thanks again,
  • Hi Trev,

    I can't thank you enough for your help. The new action set is working perfectly!

    I originally bought the actions just so I could read through them to see what Neil was doing. After using it on several sample images, there's so many useful adjustments, I'll end up using it as is quite a bit. Best $10 I've spent in a long time :)
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited November 2011
    Neil and I wish to convey our thanks for getting back to us re problem you had Julie, Rich & Dan.

    Thanks for letting us know issues resolved.

  • Thanks Trev!
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