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  • Nice photo. So, your method is "higher the better" is seems, as the shadows are nowhere to be seen? Thanks - Dave
  • Thanks, Neil. I think I saw this once before, but there is a link to another video I'm going to look at as well. Dave
  • Thanks, Trev. The whole rig is 300 US$, but I can get the fabric for 50 US$. If I was doing studio shots all day it would be well worth it, but for the limited number of head shot jobs I get, it's not worth laying out all that. I would rather but a …
  • Thanks for both, Jay, I appreciate it. How high do you have your main light? For this last 2-day session, each employee got three looks - straight on, head turned to left, head turned to right. The only thing that changed was when it was "broad lig…
  • Jay - from way back when .... 1. Umbrella off to the side to light the background. 2. Main light....Large soft box 24 x 36 is good.  (Key right)3. Fill light behind you and over camera (umbrella)  (roughly) ,4.  hair light on boom or kicker. I li…
  • So, some of the reasons I would want to learn PS: reflections in glasses, "hot spots" on a person's face. I'm sure you can't just jump right in, but what does it take for things like this? Dave
  • Any comments and suggestions are most welcome.
  • I've been going thru the 90 from the past few days. This is an example that I like. LR: Exposure +0.5, blacks +20, shadows +20, clarity 0, vibrance +30, saturation 0. Canon 6D, 1/125, F8, ISO 200. My Yongnuo triggers don't work at the max shutter sp…
  • Oh, OK, maybe I'll try it. It's more the learning curve than anything else. My daughter had almost a whole semester in high school working with it, and she was good.
  • Thanks, Neil. I saw it right after I looked at the forum. I want to get a less-expensive version of the "highlighter". It would be great to do more headshots and such, but it's really a small part of what I do. I have a 5-in-1 round reflector that …
  • Oh, sorry, were you sending that to Trev, with a suggestion?
  • Neil - I don't have Photo Shop, and I really don't want to invest the time right now. Maybe after I retire from full-time work. By the time that happens, it will be PS Version 206.3 (hah) Dave
  • Thanks, Neil. I used the Lumiquest gadget (see above) for part of the evening, but switching it in and out was a pain. The results were not bad, not good. Still looking for something else. Dave
  • Thanks, Neil. That's a good suggestion about available light. I'm sure I'll also be takingplenty of these folks clowning around with each other. Another good client of mine, and the people are really enjoyable to be around. Dave
  • Thanks, Neil. That will have to wait for the next client. I just did 90 over a two-day period. Things looked good, pretty much everyone was happy, and they are talking about having me back in the spring. They are a really good client. Dave
  • Thanks, Jay. Funny you should mention everyone looks orange. That's how I feel after developing a photo on my now color-calibrated monitor, and look at it on my work computer. Orange-y. I know I need to calibrate my monitor, but for a while I was w…
  • Trev - Thanks! These look better than what I was going to send out, and I appreciate you offering me further assistance if need be. Dave
  • Hey, I think I'm all set. I was able to finagle the spot-removal tool to make it look acceptable enough where I don't have to say anything. I was ready to send along a note to the client about it. Dave
  • Hi, Trev - These are great tips and guidelines, and I appreciate you taking the time to send them along to me. Dave
  • I just checked out the Spinlight links. One thing I don't get: why would I want a "clear" dome as opposed to a "white" dome? I can imagine light power is decreased, but wouldn't the clear dome produce harsh light? I think I can also co "a-la-carte…
  • Thanks, Guys! I'll check them out. As I wrote, I'll probably need this a couple of times a year, if that. I have a Rogue Flashbender that I will also experiment with. White side and black side. The biggest thing is how awful things look with direc…
  • Jay - Unrelated but related: I just shot 6 hours over two events with the Li-on flash, and the charge indicator on the display hasn't moved. A lot of the shots, especially last night, were full power manual (big room). Good purchase and well worth i…
  • Hi, Jay - I *think* I figured it out, but here is the issue: I have the "Set" button assigned to "FEC", and with my Canon and Yongnuo flashes, I can easily punch in some extra power when in ETTL. The Flashpoint unit appeared not to be responding to …
  • Thanks, Trev. I talked briefly with an agent after doing an internet search. I have to take into consideration what you have written. But I think at this point I should have something. Dave
  • Hi, Trev - Great to hear from you, I was wondering where you've been! "In that case what you can do is make sure the camera is set to have shutter fire only when focus lock is achieved ....."  Is this back-button focus? Thanks, and I'll start giv…

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