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  • OK, thanks Trev. When I see something I think would look good in B&W, I am trying to take some advice I was given to shoot it as B&W and not just simply change it in LR. I'm 99% in RAW. Dave
  • Jay - As I think about this a bit more, if I were directly facing the window and bouncing behind me, wouldn't I still see the flash in the window and the photo?
  • Thanks, Jay. Planning to get there a bit earlier than usual to plan my night and enjoy the views before the crowd gets there! Dave
  • I have the same situation with speakers at conferences. Try plating around with AI Servo or AI Focus. I would have to get my camera to see which one I use. I always use the single-point center focus when doing this. Dave
  • Hi - I think it depends on how many people, but if it's more than a few, I would go with the umbrella. If it's more than 10 people, maybe two umbrellas. Dave
  • Tony - I think you will like the AD200, and I am interested in hearing if you get a chance to use the LED head. It's too bad the modelling light isn't so good. Dave
  • Thakns! Ooops, I mean "Thanks".
  • HaHa I'm awesome! If I'm so awesome, how come "Photography" is misspelled in the title of my post? Seriously, I'm just not sure what he wants. I'll find out when he touches base with me tomorrow or Friday.
  • Tony - I would be interested in hearing about the LED head, which is only on the dual bracket, and is advertised as a modeling light. Enjoy all the playing. Dave
  • Tony - I've got the Flashpoint version, and I really do like it, even though it has seen limited use because I'm not a portrait photographer (just headshots). It has a bare bulb, and a Fresnel (Speedlite) head, and you can get it in a kit. Mine cam…
  • On my hard drive I have: Event Photos Personal Photos Raw (the processed ones go to a different drive) Volunteer Event Photos Practice and then under the first three I have sub folders with the event/client name and date. Dave
  • Just picked up the camera and everything is great! Got over the hurdle of packing up and sending off my camera. Being out of the country, and mostly out of touch, didn't help my nervousness while Canon had my camera.
  • Found it. Holy Crap, $700 per year
  • Thanks. As far as Thumbtack goes, I have learned my lesson as far as which jobs to bid on, as their quoting prices are now determined by some algorithm, and some of them can be expensive. The problem with the algorithm is that it weighs the length o…
  • Everything worked out well as far as the camera being available. They have an incredibly quick turnaround, and I am on my way to FedEx to pick it up today. They assured me (when I called from vacation) they tightened the hot shoe, and there was no a…
  • Lou - I think you can get both the background and the subject close to proper exposure in one shot. I run into this a lot at events. If the background is "pleasing" as Neil would say, I expose for the background, dial in either shutter of aperture …
  • Trev - Not sending any lenses in case I need them in the interim. This is what they will do for $129 US: https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/support/self-help-center/canon-maintenance-service-old/18-point-digital-slr-maintenance-servi…
  • Hi, Skip - I do have a backup camera that I used when I first got going. It's a crop sensor, older Canon 600D, bust still performs well. Having said that, I would rather have my primary on hand. I am planning to give it to the Post Office Tuesday ni…
  • Skip - I think a lot of this is great advice, and I thank you for taking the time to write it all down. I've done the no-cost/low-cost head shots, and have a good number of samples from the few companies I've worked with; I Never ask for a referral…
    in Advertising Comment by dbruno February 5
  • Thanks, Trev. I called Canon, and there are only 3 authorized service centers in the US. It hasn't been real busy for me in January, and I don't have any leads on jobs before I go away, so I might be able to get it there early enough where it will …
  • Thanks, Jay. That's what I was looking for - what to search for in Google, etc. Dave
  • This is the screen.
  • Thanks Jay. It would just stay at home. I'll have to post a photo. It is wooden, with a pattern of 2 in by 4 in rectangles, open, with what looks like heavy tissue paper on the back. That's why I asked is there was white material, something used in …
  • Scott - I shoot Canon, and sometimes don't have enough juice in ETTL even with +3. Don't be afraid to try manual flash, but you will be on the adjustment wheel a lot, especially if you are an Event Photographer, and things are fast moving. Trev mad…
  • Thanks, Trev!! It will be a great read while the weather is as cold as ever here in Boston. Dave

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