alive for 365 – week 21

This alien-looking Quiver Tree is indigenous to the arid regions of southern Africa.  This photograph was taken in the Namib Desert in Namibia.  Apparently the tree only blossoms after 20 or 30 years and can grow to 300 years old.  The nest seen in the tree is built by a community of Sociable Weaver birds.  It is quite unusual for any animal species to herd in large numbers in arid regions.  The large nests is an adaption by the birds, helping then keep cool during the heat of the day, and warmer during the cold nights.

The strong saturation in that image is mostly due to the polarizer filter that was used. Here are other examples of what a polarizer filter adds to an image.

My recommendation for a Polarizer Filter:
the Kaeseman circular polarizer filter (B&H)

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