cameradojo podcast interview – taking your flash to the next level

I felt quite flattered when Kerry Garrison asked me to do an interview for his cameradojo podcast.  Especially so since I was following in the footsteps of Scott Robert Lim, David Ziser and Syl Arena. My interview – taking your flash to the next level is the conclusion in the cameradojo series dealing with flash photography and lighting.

You can listen to the interview on the web, or on iTunes.

And if anyone has questions .. you know how to find me. :)

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  1. 1Robert DeLaurentis says

    I just finished listening to the podcast, and I was so inspired I felt compelled to write this little note. Your transparent concise explanations of flash and exposure were, pardon the pun, illuminating. The discussion devaluing the phrase “dragging the shutter” alone is worth the listen. I’ve heard these topics discussed by others, but never before with such clarity. Thank you.

  2. 2Glenn K. says


    An absolutely masterful commentary and perfect complement to your book! In particular, I thought the explanation of dragging the shutter and dispelling old-school flash concepts was brilliant. Listening to the podcast was like having an individual tutoring session with a master. As others here have said time and again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and making flash fun again!

    Glenn K.

  3. 4Paul Keith Dickinson says

    Excellent interview,have played it three times already,never done that before.You make it so simple and understandable.Thanks Paul

  4. 5Mickey says

    I have to say again excellent interview. One of the best, I really enjoyed your take on flash and your opinion Manual control. Ever think about doing your own podcast?

  5. 7Neil vN says

    Mickey & Pasquier .. nope, no intention of doing a podcast. It would be just too much on top of my usual workload.

    However, I’ve had great intentions of starting to record video clips, and possibly creating a tutorial DVD on flash photography techniques … but again, time constraints get in the way. But … I’ll get there. Someday soon. : )

    To everyone else .. thank you for the wonderful feedback about the podcast.
    Please pass the word around the various forums. Tx!

    Neil vN

  6. 8David Barrett says

    I heard you interviewed on Camera Dojo (a podcast that is usually over long and over ponderous). I was impressed by the clarity of your explanations and the refreshing way in which you respectfully deal with some of photography’s sacred cows and technical obfuscation. Dragging the shutter especially! I’ve spent some time reading your blog and just now ordered your book from Amazon in the UK. Looking forward to it.

  7. 9 says

    I’ve had some questions about my description of how I use the histogram.

    Here is a more complete article on using the histogram for exposure metering confirmation.

    You can use this if your light source is constant – in other words, you can use it for ambient light and for manual flash. But you can’t use it for TTL flash since TTL flash is an automatic metering mode, and its output varies depending on your composition and scene / subject.

    Neil vN

  8. 10 says

    Hi Niel –

    I just wanted to say thanks for the on-camera flash solutions. I heard you on the camera dojo podcast and your approach is just what I was looking for. Actually I was listening to it as I drove away from my first wedding and just dying because I really could have used the black thingie approach at the wedding.

    I used your suggestions in my weekly practice session and really liked the results. My write up is here:

    Thanks again and wish you all the best,


  9. 11Steve Verhoef says

    Greetings from Ontario Canada,

    I have listened to this podcast seven times.
    Learned something everytime.

    Just ordered On-camera Flash.

    Perfect questions, with perfect answers.

    I now see softboxes everywhere.
    My niece’s rained out birthday party was saved by a trailer yawning.
    I turned the trailer into a softbox.

    Beautiful shots…

    Thank you Guys.

    Steve Verhoef

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