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how to update the thumbnail when posting a link on Facebook

If ever you’ve tried to post a link on Facebook from your site or blog, and the thumbnail appears incorrect, then there is an easy (albeit obscure fix). Using the Debugger tool in Facebook, post that link, and run the debugger tool. The cache will be cleared and the thumbnail will be updated now when you repost the link.

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paying for Facebook likes

February 10, 2014

consider carefully before paying for Facebook likes

If you have paid for FB likes for your page, then you have to, absolutely have to watch this video clip. Watch it to the end and let it sink in. Yes, we’ve all been had.

If you have a Facebook page for your business, then you may have been tempted to pay for Facebook likes. There is then the immediate obstacle in that Facebook wants you to pay again to get to that exact same audience that you paid to accumulate. This has been a topic that has been hotly discussed on various forums. It even got a mention on the Tangents blog a year ago – Facebook’s diminishing value for page owners. There are regular articles that hit the news about this and similar topics, for example: Warning: If You Have A Facebook Fan Page, Read This

Of course, Facebook tries to spin what they are doing – trying to sweet-talk this as them giving you what you really want – e.g., an article on Mashable: FB news feed – high quality content. I don’t fall for this line of explanation, because the reason I follow certain pages on Facebook such as a favorite band, is that I want to hear more about them. But now FB is squeezing them to pay for their audience to see their posts. It’s an disingenuous game that everyone is wise to.

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important news for photographers with Facebook pages

In the past week or so, Facebook once again changed things on us. I know, I know, another week, another unannounced roll-out of something new and fabulous on Facebook. This time however, the change is a big deal for photographers who rely on their Facebook Page for marketing. You simply won’t reach your audience unless you pay Facebook … per post.

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