news: Chinese translations of my flash photography books

Chinese translations of my flash photography books

It was with great surprise when my publisher notified me that my 1st book, On-Camera Flash Photography, has been translated into Chinese and is now available for purchase in China. While still trying to digest that news, I got an email from the translator of my 2nd book, Off-Camera Flash Photography, wanting to clarify a few things. So that’s pretty big news, especially because it’s already getting good reviews, if I go by the star ratings.

As soon as I get my copy, it’ll sit comfortably next to the Polish translations of my 1st book and 2nd book, and the Brazilian edition of my 1st book. It’s a feel-good moment. : )

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  1. 3Walter says

    Awesome, gratz! I’m a chinese myself, but I’m used to reading english books. I just ordered your english off-camera flash book. I believe the chinese version will be a great blessing to the chinese community.

  2. 5a.y. sam says


    Congratulation to your chinese version on your book. just curious when i can order it .

  3. 6 says

    I love how your picture is in the upper left corner like a seal of approval. :)

    I can visualize this in the “About the Author” section of a future book of his.
    “Neil, professional photographer and published author whose books have been translated into many languages around the world, shows you…”

  4. 7rao says

    I bought a Chinese on-camera book an half year ago. And I’m still wait the off-camera. It drive me crazy for waiting so long time…>_<

  5. 8 says

    Comment 1 is correct Neil. You give a great deal freely to so many around the world that you deserve recognition and accolades as they come you way. You are THE mentor to so many of us. Just don’t be too long before you come to Australia.

  6. 11MvH says

    Congratulations Neil !

    Your books are great. Only the best work gets translated. Your books will teach and inspire millions around the world.

  7. 14Joy says

    Yes, the book is very nice and a big news to Chinese too. All the comments are quite good. Thank you, Neil.

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