Cork, Ireland – travel photography

Cork Ireland – travel photography

I visited Cork for a few days to present two workshops on flash photography, and immediately fell in love with the historic city.  It was a simultaneous pleasure just exploring the place, and taking a short break from a hectic schedule. 

On the first evening, we walked around the city to soak in the look and atmosphere of the place. It had just rained, so the colors really stood out .. and I was drawn to the boldness of the colors, especially of the shopfronts. Since it was after hours, all the traffic had left that area, leaving a clear view of the closed shopfronts.

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  1. 1Thorsten says

    It’s true what they say, familiarity breeds contempt! It’s always fascinating to see how a fresh pair of eyes sees this place which I call home. Like most cities, Cork is an ever changing environment and these images have inspired me to get out and do more urban photography here at home.

    – Thorsten.

  2. 2Guy McLaren says

    Seemingly ordinary images just prove that, what we see daily may be of interest in someone elses life. Shop fronts normally a boring subject show a different lifestyle to others. Cork is a 12 hour flight from here and they do things totally differently. I think I may go and shoot some boring local images for others to enjoy.

  3. 5Samantha says

    Do you have any of these available for purchase? I was in Ireland with my mom this summer and it brought it all back with your pictures. My mom’s birthday is Feb 24th and I was hoping you may have prints available. She would love the one with the man on his bike. The doors of homes and store fronts were one of my many favorite things about Ireland.

  4. 6 says

    Samantha .. that’s hugely flattering. I think the easiest and most beneficial, is if I had that image as the one to display this Thursday when it is my turn on the Alive for 365 website. Then you, or anyone else, could order a print directly from there.

    Let me know if this works for you.

  5. 7Samantha says

    Yes! That would be wonderful! Thank you!! :)
    My brother and I posted the info about Alive 365 on our facebook accounts so I would be SO pleased to be able to add pictures of Ireland and ask people to purchase. Our dad passed away from melanoma, which will be 2 years ago on Feb 9th. It would be a great honor!
    Thank you again

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