Flash Dedicado

Flash Dedicado – Técnicas para fotografia de casamento e retrato

Estou muito feliz em anunciar que meu livro sobre técnicas de fotografia de flash flashes da câmera foi traduzido para Português e foi publicado no Brasil.

O livro é baseado nos artigos publicados neste site, mas o material foi clarificado, para uma abordagem coerente e completo para pegar o melhor de seu flash na câmera. Houve um cuidado especial para apresentar tudo isso com um fluxo lógico, com a intenção de que tudo vai progressivamente ajudar o leitor a alcançar uma melhor compreensão da fotografia com flash.

O livro pode ser encomendado a partir deste site.

Para todos os leitores Português do meu site, peço desculpas se a tradução do Google é involuntariamente engraçado.


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  1. 1Andre says

    Hi Neil!
    I am from Brasil, and I always read your website to learn about flash and photograph, but I need to use a english-portuguese dictionary, because my english is not very good.
    I think you are the best!
    Thank you for teaching me, and thank you for this portuguese edition!

  2. 4Jeff says

    For us English speaking people this is Portuguese.

    Dedicated flash – Techniques for marriage photograph and picture
    I am very happy in announcing that my book on flash photograph techniques flashes of the camera was translated into Portuguese and was published in Brazil.

    The book is based on articles published in this site, but the material was clarificado, for a coherent and complete boarding to catch optimum of its flash in the camera. This with a logical flow had a special care to present everything, with the intention of that everything gradually goes to help the reader to reach one better understanding of the photograph with flash.

    The book can be ordered from this site.

    For all the readers Portuguese of my site, I ask for excuses if the translation of the Google is involuntarily funny.


  3. 6Fabio Luiz says


    I subscribe to your blog and love your tips, technique and style to deliver information to readers, is simply spectacular. I always buy books that publisher, and by the way this book is next. Congratulations!

    From Sao Paulo – Brazil

  4. 7David says

    Muitissimo Obrigado!Aprecio muito seu trabalho!tenho a felicidade de entender o conteudo em ingles, mas em portugues nos falta livros de qualidade como o seu!Sucesso!

  5. 8 says

    Nós brasileiros ficamos muitos felizes pela uma obra tão magnífica.
    De uma forma simples, direta e de fácil compreensão.
    Seu trabalho é maravilhoso… e agradecemos
    Queria também a agradecer a Editora Photos, pela iniciativa e publicação.
    Tenho certeza que vai ser um grande sucesso de vendas.

    Ricardo Carvalho
    Ilha Grande – Piauí – Brasil

  6. 11 says

    Hi Neil;

    I’m from Angola (Africa) and we do speak Portuguese as well, so even if I understand English it’s a great pleasure to see your book conquering this market.

    Nice Job

  7. 12 says

    “Olá” Neil:

    You almost got me confused when I opened my RSS feed reader this morning. I thought I had some kind of automatic translation turned on on my browser.
    It’s great news that the book is now available in Portuguese. I don’t think that it will be available here in Portugal though, because we still have some issues concerning the Portuguese standardization. The Brazilian literature is not widely distributed in Portugal without proper translation to European Portuguese, which is bad, because in Brazil is produced an extraordinary amount of excellent technical books (and of course every other kind of books) which are not widely distributed here. Your book is another example of this problem.
    Nevertheless, congratulations and I hope that it’s a sales success.
    I absolutely love your work, both as a photographer and as a coach/teacher. You just KNOW how to explain things clearly.

    “Parabéns e um abraço”,

    André Pereira.

  8. 14Neil vN says

    MJ .. nothing yet, as far as I know. The way I understand it, another publisher has to contact the current publisher (Amherst) about acquiring the rights to the book. It’s way beyond my level of involvement in this.

    In fact, I only knew about this when I noticed on Twitter the news that the book has been published. A really big and pleasant surprise. I had no idea about it beforehand.

  9. 16 says


    Will buy you book today. I saw it yesterday on a local photo store (Bucher Ltda). Be sure that it will be my always-close-to-hand, bedside book!

    About your google translation: it’s not really bad, any Portuguese-reader could understand it perfectly. However, it has some minor corrections to be done. Would you like me to help? If so, please let me know.

    Tudo de bom!

    Costa Junior

  10. 17Neil vN says

    Costa .. thank you for the offer. If the translation isn’t too bad, and is more quaint than embarrassing, then let us just have it stand as it is.

    (Also, if we change it, we make some of the other comments and the translation back to English, redundant. Too much work to correct everything in tandem then .. and I’m having a lazy kinda evening tonight.)

  11. 19Eduardo B. says

    Hi Neil, Im from Brazil and I saw your book translated to portuguese: Title (Flash Dedicado). Is it exactly the same book as your “On camera”? Because Im not sure wich version to buy, the brazilian ou english version.

    Thank you.

  12. 20Neil vN says

    Hi there Eduardo .. it is exactly the same book. They Brazilian publishers did choose a different cover image (from one of the images used in the book), and the book is slightly smaller, but thicker. But it is the same material.

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