the iPad – not a review

By now everyone is well clued up about the iPad:
– its capabilities – that it is a ‘game-changer’
– the iPad’s popularity – selling one every 3 seconds in the first three months!
– the iPad’s wonderful display – just look at it.  Images just pop off the screen.
– that it is like an oversized iPhone, but without the phone or a camera.
– the Pad’s limitations – that it seemed to have been designed with consumption of media in mind, rather than creation.

the iPad – not quite a review

So this is not quite a review on the iPad. That would be fairly redundant now, 5 months after release. Rather, this is some of the experience of using the iPad as a photographer’s tool.

I’ve used my iPad a few times now at consultations with potential wedding clients.  Instead of carting my laptop when I have to meet them elsewhere than my office, I just took my very portable iPad.  I have several albums in the Photos app, with which I can show my work.

An interesting observation for me is that the 5 minute Best Of slideshow now became a 15 minute conversation.  With the laptop, the Best Of slideshow was something that the clients watched quietly, perhaps making a few comments to each other.  However, with the iPad in their hands, the could control the tempo of viewing the images.  They now lingered over any images that caught their attention.

There’s time now for anecdotes. There’s now more opportunity for you as the photographer to charm the couple.  We can talk about the wedding day details they notice in the photographs. More than just a tactile experience, they control the speed of viewing and can pause over any photo while we chat about it.  The clients now interact with the photographs they see.

This device really changes the way the consultation flows. For the better.


Other benefits of the iPad to the photographer:

  • 3G connection:  What I also like is that previously out somewhere with a laptop, I might not have a wireless connection to show them something on my blog or website.  With the iPad, I have 3G connection, and can better answer some questions by showing them specific images on my website.  The fee for the 3G connectivity becomes marginal when compared to that benefit – instant access to the internet when you need it with clients.
  • The brilliant display of the iPad is obviously a huge benefit.  Images look beautiful and punchy.
  • The size of the iPad is just right – small enough to carry anywhere without it being a burden, but large enough for a great viewing experience.
  • Instant start-up. Okay, it takes a second.  Or two.  But it is instantaneous compared to firing up a laptop to show something to a client.  You really have the ability now to show a client your images within 5 seconds of switching it on.
  • The tactile experience. Instead of your potential client (or anyone you want to impress with your photography), passively watching your computer screen, they hold the device in their hands and control it.  I really believe this is important.  We’re a tactile species.  We need to touch things.  And I think on a subconscious level this satisfies something in the person who then actually holds the device.
  • I can keep access documents on my iPad, and edit them and email then to clients, either as the document, or as a PDF.  A great way to have the ability on hand to create and fill in contracts 0r quotes or such. A neat idea is to keep certain documents online at a Dropbox account, and then have them accessible anywhere if you have 3G capability, or if you have a wireless connection.  There are apps like QuickOffice and DocsToGo which allow you to access and edit Microsoft documents too.  The Pages app and Numbers app are beautifully designed and are also very useful to create and edit text documents and spreadsheets.
  • I can now use my iPad as a back-up device for my laptop when I do seminar presentations. It’s a huge concern to me that my laptop might die on me during a presentation at a workshop or seminar. The cost and bulk makes a second laptop just for backup a tough decision.  With the iPad, I can keep my presentation on a device I’d travel with anyway.   There is / was a frustrating hiccup here – the iPad doesn’t output the Photos app to the VGA connector, unless it is in slideshow mode.  To use it as a presentation device, I need to have my images as a Keynote presentation.  It’s a work-around, and not ideal. This is part of what makes the iPad a sometimes frustrating device – it has the potential for something, but the design purposely falls short.[ edited to add: On the suggestion by Raul (check comments here), I tried out the Portfolio app, and this app does exactly what I needed  it to do, regarding showing images at my own manually controlled tempo.  Problem solved. ]


Anyway, if you are a photographer and meet clients outside of the studio, then you need one.  Yes, need one.  Like this guy who set up his entire office in a coffee & sandwich shop. According to the person who snapped this scene on his phone, the photographer didn’t even buy one thing from the place, and even brought a bottle of water in. No shame!

An iPad just looks so much more slick than this.


Other things I just love love love about my iPad:

  • Zinio app –  I can now carry piles of magazines in one handy little device.


  • Similarly, the ability to carry a library with me at all times, via the iBooks app and Kindle app,  is fascinating. This was one of the things which initially drew me to the iPad the most – access to years of reading material, whether current magazines, or magazines like National Geographic (which never really date), or books. With the iBooks app, you can even download previews of a book you might be interested in, giving you a 30-page (or so) idea of whether you’d actually want to invest a few dollars in the book.
  • Music via the built in iPod.  (I live my life to a soundtrack.)
  • Videos and movies via iTunes.  Movies and TV shows look really crisp on the iPad.
  • The Netflix app!  Yup, I can watch your Netflix instant queue on this device.
  • The entire (non-Flash based) internet is in my hands wherever I travel – Facebook, Twitter, websites.
  • The wide range of incredible apps that are available, makes the iPad even more powerful and engaging a device.

I would also emphatically say that if you are someone who travels a lot, the iPad could be essential.  You have your office with you – as well as music, videos, movies, games, magazines and books – years of reading material and entertainment and stuff-to-do. The battery life is also remarkable – more than enough to keep you happily occupied while you commute via bus or airplane or train. It might even make the wait for connecting flights less brain-numbingly dull.


The indifferent view of the iPad is that it is neither a MacBook Pro, nor an iPhone … so who needs it?  Well, that opinion can only really be from someone who hasn’t used one for a short while – long enough to fall in love with the experience.

I see the iPad is one of those technological marvels for which other uses will still be found.  It really opens up new possibilities, and I’d love to hear about anyone else’s experience with the iPad.

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  1. 1 says

    Great summary of the iPad, I’ve been drooling over it since it was released. While it hasn’t been released here in Sweden (pretty odd) I think I would have waited until the 2nd generation. However I definitely saw the value for photographers to use the iPad to showcase their work to clients.

    Let me ask you one thing Neil, can you use the iPad to dump images when shooting on the field? For me this would be a huge feature. That’s why I’m hoping the next version has one lonely USB port or a CF card slot.

  2. 2Gregory J says

    Neil, I agree with you 100%. The IPS screen of the iPad brings the photos displayed on it to life and it looks even better. Like you said photos pop off the screen.
    Another feature that i fell for is the use of iPad as a photo back up device. With the optional accessory you can transfer photos from your camera or SD card and display it or check it right during a photo shoot

  3. 3Neil vN says

    Michael, as Gregory mentions, there is an SD card adapter, as well as a USB port adapter, so I’m sure it would be possible to use the iPad as temporary storage. I haven’t used it like that yet, so not sure what the limitations would be.

    The one thing that might be (actually IS frustrating) about the iPad, is that you can’t directly access files. You can only do things via applications. You don’t have anything like Finder or a Windows Explorer type way of directly accessing and moving files around. So that could be a limitation.

    Neil vN

  4. 5Neil vN says

    Raul, I checked out the Portfolio app and it does exactly what I needed it to do. The developer was also quick in replying to my email questions. Great support!

    Neil vN

  5. 6Steve says

    Thanks for your opinion on this. I just met with a client yesterday and they viewed my slideshow off my laptop and I felt like they missed half the pictures because they would talk about a certain one and get distracted from watching.

    Have you tried using the iPad for in person proofing? I feel like that is a key aspect of the iPad that might tip me into getting one. I’ve tried to find out if there are any good apps that let you sort photos ala Bridge review mode, but no luck. If I could have proofs full screen and a client swipe down to reject an image, then left or right to accept, then have the accepted ones placed into a specific folder at the end that’d be amazing and definitely worth the price of admission on the iPad.

  6. 7Neil vN says

    Steve .. that’s exactly my point about the interruptions during the laptop slideshow … these now become conversation and anecdotes.

    I don’t do that many portrait sessions, or any photo sessions where I’d need to do proofing on location. But I do think the iPad would naturally lend itself to allowing a client to select images during a proofing session.

    There is an app that might be what you’re looking for – SortShots – it is a more reasonable $5

    I did notice the one app available called iProof Pro .. but at a very steep $45 it isn’t something I’d just test drive to see what it does.

    Neil vN

  7. 8 says

    I’m still waiting for a iPad app that can interface with a card reader so it doubles up as a backup drive. I’m not sure there is such an app yet. So, instead of buying those dedicated portable photography storage devices, the iPad will suffice.

  8. 9carl says

    One suggestion — submitted with a smile — is that all future discussion of iPad or any Apple product (of which I own several) not include the words “game changer”.

  9. 10Neil vN says

    Carl .. I think this puppy could even shift paradigms if it wanted to. Or push a few envelopes. It might even be able to think outside it’s own box. Maybe even take that same box and the envelopes to a new level.

    Neil vN

  10. 14Neil vN says

    Amanda .. while the Apple goodies are so desirable, they don’t really need me to tell everyone. This stuff just sells anyway because they are so cool. : )

    Neil vN

  11. 15Kevin says

    Don’t forget, one can tether one’s laptop to an iPhone (and other phones too I presume), in order to get 3G.
    I already have a data plan on my cell phone, so why buy an extra one?
    The Slide show feature is nice, but surely one can inform a client viewing images on a laptop that they just need to press the space bar to move to the next image…
    Great apps? My laptop has great apps too… Lol.
    Size, ok, you got me there, but perhaps I should of gotten a 13″ screen laptop if I wanted portability.
    Despite all of the above, I’m still trying to find a reason to buy an iPad… Dang it!
    I personaly feel the tactile response of the screen is the biggest success of the device.

  12. 16Neil vN says

    Kevin, I reasoned like that as well … why would I need an iPad? I have a MacBook Pro to do work on, and I have an iPhone which is loaded with apps .. and a camera and a phone.

    And as much as I thought the iPhone is the most amazing piece of technology I’ve ever owned, I love the iPad even more. The benefits I mention in this post seem incremental, but once you add it up, it’s pretty amazing.

    Neil vN

  13. 17Frank says

    Hi Neil, I don’t have an iPad, but I do display my photos shot with a Canon 7D on a Sony digital picture frame, and the images are nothing short of stunning…talk about popping off the screen. The hi-res screen’s backlighting literally makes the images come alive. The problem is, my prints of the same images don’t compare to the vivid on-screen images. So I have two questions for you:

    1} Do you customize the post-processing of your images for on-screen display versus print in order to optimize them for the respective display media?

    2) In addition to the iPad, do you also show your prospective clients examples of your print albums in order to better manage their expectations regarding what they see on your iPad versus in a print of the same image?

  14. 18Neil vN says

    Frank … I dunno, I don’t even try and match what I see on the screen with the prints, or albums. The prints I make on my Epson 2400 look very good, and the albums I show clients (PictoBooks), look stunning.

    I really don’t need to go as far as matching everything with precision. I just need everything to look great. For the work I do, I’m not sure there is much benefit in the time that I’d have to spend in getting it all to look similar.

    I just need the individual pieces – albums, prints, electronic displays, website images – to look great and impress clients and potential clients.

    I don’t think a situation would ever occur where a client would hold up a printed album to an iPad, and compare. Therefore I don’t think that complaints like you mention would ever be raised.

    Neil vN

  15. 19Dan O says

    As an alternative to Keynote, consider saving your presentation as a PDF, put it in dropbox and access it through goodreader.

  16. 20 says

    Hey Neil,

    Excellent write up and as always you are hitting bull’s eye with all the points you are making. Also – thanks so much for posting the coffee shop setup – haven’t laughed that hard in a while!

  17. 21Neil vN says

    David .. yup, we’ve all met clients in coffee shops and other places. But this guy is pretty ballsy with a dual monitor display.

    Neil vN

  18. 22Eric says

    To Steve (in person proofing)

    The way I do it; I use Lightroom with TTG Highslide Gallery Pro to produce a Web gallery. You could use an iPad to browse your gallery online. TTG Highslide gives you a proofing “mode”. I don’t know if you can produce an offline gallery.

    Link to TTG

  19. 23 says

    Glad to hear it Neil. I’ve been contemplating one for a while. There’s one thing I’d love to see on it that’s not there yet…. I call it ‘Aperture Lite’.

    When we’re traveling I’ll often have the laptop to transfer photos to, start to narrow down my selects, and maybe do some basic editing before we get home. It’s easy enough to then import this into my desktop and pickup where I left off to finish the job. Unfortunately the ‘issues’ of portability and convenience come out here as well and I find myself wishing I had a lightweight and instant on device to do my initial filtering on. Using the iPad and card reader adapter I ‘could’ import the photos to the photo app, but there’s no way that I know to start working up the edits and have this seamlessly import into my desktop. If they can bring iMovie to the iOS devices I imagine they should have the power to do at least basic editing… it’s probably just a question of the market demand.

    Anyway, would love to see this!

  20. 24Kevin says

    Neil, thanks for taking my comments in a positive manner… respect!

    sometimes it’s hard online to post an alternative opinion without being shot down in flames… I was actually thinking all day (on and off), how my comments might be seen as antagonistic… not the intention!

    And in summary as a response to your.. I totaly agree.. it’s the same thing as the iPhone, just more.

    End of story (ish)

    p.s. full respect to you also for your wedding flash photography tips…


  21. 25Gordon says

    I love my iPad, its really no comparison to a laptop and if you’ve never used one you are bound to be skeptic, I was too. It may not be as versatile as a laptop or as powerful but you can’t beat the positives that Neil has outlined here. I picked up the camera connection kit from apple to allow clients to proof photos on location sans laptop. Basically I just import the memory card and within a matter of minutes they can preview the shots from the shoot. This helps wet their buying whistle and generates excitement after the shoot has finished. It really doesn’t take any effort at all, a mere 5 minutes of downtime allows for me to import my raw files for preview, not to mention it doubles as a handy back up source for this photos as well.

    I have been trying to devise a way to ‘star’ photos that the client liked right after a shoot to save time in proofing and automatically import into lightroom with their ratings. As Neil mentioned the only program currently able to append metadata and do this is SortShots, however because of apple’s restrictions it has a round about process for importing into lightroom whereby you have to manually copy over images and replace them on your hard drive, which to me takes the fun out of it.

    I’m sure however on a jailbroken ipad you’d be able to write metadata directly to the images in the camera roll and thus be able to import directly into lightroom and retain that data.

  22. 26 says

    I can verify the reactions you’ve received in discussions with clients and potential clients. I’ve been doing basically the same thing for the last couple of years with an iPod Touch. Nowhere near the screen size or the same level of utility, but it fits in my pocket which means it’s always on hand if an unplanned introduction or conversation starts. And it’s nice not having text message or call pop-ups appear while the photos are being reviewed like can happen with a phone.

  23. 27 says

    Well, I feel stupid. Apparently, Apple released a camera connection kit for the iPad back around April.

    It has a USB connector and a SD reader. For compact flash, you’d have to either connect the camera with the CF card inside to the iPad or find a compatible CF card reader (although the CF reader option is supposedly not advised in the kit’s manual).

    From what I’ve read, the iPad’s filesystem nowhere resembles anything like a desktop. Each app is responsible for file read and write access to the memory.

  24. 29Robert Gordon says

    @Stephen, this is correct, only 3rd party apps have access to files and even those cannot change files already stored on the device, apple just won’t allow it. For instnce the sortshots app mentioned above duplicates all of your files that you made metadata change to and the photoshop app for instance creates a duplicate of the file, there is no ‘overrwrite’ at least on non jail broken versions.

  25. 30Tee says

    Neil, you mentioned meeting clients in coffee shops and ‘other places’… What other places are those?
    Without having a formal office space/studio, which would be an ultimate waste of money for most dedicated on-location photogs, where does one meet clients that is respectable and classy? Starbucks et al. doesn’t seem quite like the best choice. Own or clients’ homes don’t strike as most appropriate either… What would you suggest?

    Thanks for advice!

    PS: Also, if any readers have ideas, please do share!

  26. 31Tee says

    Neil, you mentioned meeting clients in coffee shops and ‘other places’… What other places are those?
    Without having a formal office space/studio, which would be an ultimate waste of money for most dedicated on-location photogs, where does one meet clients that is respectable and classy? Starbucks et al. doesn’t seem quite like the best choice. Own or clients’ homes don’t strike as most appropriate either… What would you suggest?

    Thanks for advice!

    PS: Also, if any readers have ideas, please do share!

    PPS: I was among the first to get the iPad – and use it exactly as you describe. Always having strongly disliked printing, and finding laptops are just too mundane – I was among the first to see iPad’s potential, at the time when all the blogs were still full of “what’s it good for, anyway”. :-)

  27. 33Laura says

    Hi Neil,

    There is an awesome app named Zosh that you can use on your iPad to help you finalize contracts. Prospective clients, after looking at your work, can sign a contract right then and there on the iPad. Talk about not wasting any time or letting the client get away~


  28. 34 says

    We love our iPad. Picked it up a month or 2 ago and it has been a phenomenal marketing tool for us. Brides go gaga over it and it really shows that we like to stay on top of current trends in technology. My wife carries it everywhere (she’s a networking genious) and has fired up conversations with complete strangers who were just interested in the iPad that turned into bookings.

    I was skeptical at first but once I saw another photographer’s images on his iPad I was blown away. We’re going to pick up the camera connection kit to upload a few getting ready/ceremony shots at the receptions to set up near the guest book. And a large stack of our business cards of course. Great read Neil and I concur wholeheartedly.

  29. 35 says

    I concur with Laura, the Zosh app is incredible. It will allow you to add to a PDF Text, dates, “signatures”…Yes Signatures and then email the document to any recipient. The WOW factor is huge. Consider an iPad Wedding package for your couples as well….put an album on their iPad, their pictures etc….and then also sell the Album (hard copy) to them.

  30. 36 says

    This was an OK sort of review. I did the same “sort a” review on my site but I came to a different conclusion. The IPad is NOT ready for prime time for photographers (or most businesses) for several key reasons. And before you get all huffy, I own no less that 12 Macs of various types, AppleTV (which I love), several iPods, phones etc.. so I’m something of a fan boy.. aghh.., I hate that term. There are two reasons I hate using the iPad.. First is the arrogant deletion of a real USB port. The entire world uses USB widgets now and Apple is trying to tell me how to use my tool and what I can use on it? Nope.. The second is that you can not sync the iPad to ANY of my five authorized computers without whacking it or the computer’s iTunes. I sync from my desktop but there have been many times I needed to sync on the road and I can not. There IS a hack but it’s a real hack to do this and it is NOT something anyone should have to do. Wait till you get more than one iPad for the biz and try to put them on a corporate account. Not going to happen per Apple. So I have three separate accounts for each of other iPads which means three bills each month.. pain in the butt

    Finally is the fingerprint issue on the screen. Nothing like showing a client your beautiful images with a mass of fingerprints obscuring them.

    Again, just my own opinions..the iPad is a toy and not ready for prime time yet. Close but not yet.

  31. 37Neil vN says

    Mike .. no argument from me on this. Apple definitely purposely hampered the iPad. As great as it is, it could’ve been much better. Which of course leaves it wide open for obvious improvements for version 2 when they compete with the new tablets that will inevitably hit the market.

    I still love my iPad though. : )

    Neil vN

  32. 38John Lee says

    Hey Neil: Would love to use the Ipad for presentations, but am wondering how I can import images into the Ipad. I don’t see a USB port. I can see pulling a clients session onto the Ipad and then using it as an ordering tool as I sit with them. How do you import your images to it?
    Thank in advance for your response!

  33. 39Neil vN says

    John, I use iPhoto to transfer images. I see there is a new app called Transfer which is described as allowing you to sync images with your main computer. Might be worth checking out.

    Neil vN

  34. 40Lisa says

    I just received an ipad as a birthday gift (from my very nice boyfriend). It is not the 3G version but he says we can exchange it for that one if I want. Other than showing clients images on your blog & site, when else has the 3G feature really come in handy for you?

  35. 41Neil vN says

    Lisa, cool boyfriend you have! I got the 3G version ‘just in case’. I didn’t think I’d use the 3G capability, but then one night, coming back from Manhattan, I had just missed my bus and dreaded sitting there for an hour without access to my emails and everything else. Even though I can do that through my iPhone, the iPad is just so much bigger and easier to work with. I summarily enrolled for the 250Mb/month ($15) option just to have internet access.

    Since then I’ve used the iPad’s 3G capability when meeting clients and I want to show them something on my blog or website.

    So I’d still recommend getting the 3G version. You just never know when you might be itching to use that.

    Neil vN

  36. 42mike says

    Thanks for your valuable and practical review of the iPad

    I was subconsciously looking for such a device for showing off my best wedding portfolio to clients without all the techy computer stuff.

    Do you thing that 16gb will be sufficient for just showing wedding portfolios in jepg format?

    Thank you for your valuable time

  37. 43Neil vN says

    Mike, 16 Gb should be fine if that is your only purpose for the iPad. However, that doesn’t leave you much space for when you do fall in love with it, and want to load videos and music and software and documents on it. I’d still recommend an iPad with higher capacity. It’s one of those situations where I can’t ever see anyone wish, “aaah crap, if only I had bought a smaller iPad.”

    Neil vN

  38. 44mike says

    A USB port on the iPad is a waste of time as the iPad renames all the downloaded files into names like FKLY.jpg and stores them into it’s own file system.

    You can’t sort them , move them to different folders or retreive them or rename them.

    You can only do this on your computer then sync them to the iPad.

    There a number of applications that promise to do all this but.. I haven’t found one that works.

  39. 45mike says

    The new iPad 4.2 OS is Bad news.

    I could attach a usb multiCard reader to the iPad and upload pictures to the iPad at events to show them off using the old OS. The new 4.2 OS can’t do this any more. Says not enough power in the USB device.

    The old OS, same box, had enough power.

  40. 46Mike says

    I’ve had the iPad for about 8 weeks and enjoyed using it.

    However it did not bring me One new customer, in spite of showing it around to prospective clients and at weddings with gorgeous brides images.

    I do not need it for comms purposes as I have a new phone that already does all my emails etc.

    I have wasted DAYS trying to make it do what it was NOT designed to do.
    I was trying to make it into a photographers assistant;

    1. To load images onto the device during the event and show them off to prospective clients during the event.

    2. To load and organise images from previous events and display them to prospective clients.

    Apple with the new OS 4.2 have now restricted the iPad even more

    Unless you are a techi who loves spending days and weeks trying to make the iPad computer doing what it was not designed to do. Don’t touch it!

    I’m putting mine up for auction in eBay.

  41. 47 says

    Mike, no offense but uploading shots to show them to prospective clients while you’re covering an event is something I simply would not do. You see, the people who hire me to cover their event want just that from me, event coverage. That’s what I’m payed to do and one should concentrate on that. I could not risk missing something just because I’m preparing and showing my gizmo to prospective clients.
    I’d concentrate on the clients I already have and use the iPad on meeting prospective clients in my own time.

    Just my two cents.


  42. 48 says

    A friend just asked me about the Must-Have apps for the iPad. Here’s my short list I sent to her. And really, this is my short list. (It repeats some of what has been mentioned here before.)

    must-have apps for the iPad

    Zinio (for magazine subscriptions)
    Zen Bound 2 (cool game. There are TONS of games)
    DropBox (do you have a dropbox account yet?)
    Wordbook (I need a dictionary on hand)
    StarWalk (amazing little app)
    ClockPro (beautifully designed. Lots of clocks)
    iThoughts HD (great for planning)
    Adobe Ideas
    Pages / Numbers / Keynote
    DocsToGo Pro
    Quick Office HD
    iA Writer (very neat & uncluttered app for writing)
    Huffington Post
    NY Times
    OffMaps (do check this one out!)
    Compass HD
    Observatory (no use for this, but it is so pretty)
    FlightTrack Pro (essential if you fly a lot)
    NYC Subway
    NYC Way
    AllSubway HD (amazing! for a few $$, you have every subway in the world on your iPad)
    London Tube :)
    Transit M&S (for NYC and NJ)
    Windowshop (uncluttered Amazon app)
    CraigsPro (for craigs list)
    Netflix (you need this!)
    The Word (Stephen Colbert’s app)
    The Daily Show (John Stewart’s app)
    Kindle (essential)
    1Password (you need this on your Mac anyway)

    Portfolio …. neat app if you want to project images from your iPad. The Photos App is very limited in this regard.
    So Portfolio is highly recommended for that.

    Friendly … best FB app!

    Photogene (best photography app)
    PS Express

    Life (life magazine’s free app)

  43. 49Anoop Nair says

    I got my Ipad 3G WI FI 64 GB Ofcourse WHITE couple of months ago , and i am using to show my Albums to my clients the Quality is just amazing the Photographs Just pop out of the screen. the Client love to see it and want to get the Prints as the same quality of IPAD Dispaly. i have tried different techinques and Printing Shops didnt Got lucky yet , Do you have any suggention to to make the Photographs printed really Punchy and eye poping?

  44. 50adi marwan says

    neil, u can save your hard disk space (32gb/64gb) by using an application called dropbox..u can upload all your pictures to dropbox, and be able to view them on the instance..its 2GB free, but u can have up to 100GB storage with some fees..

  45. 51Soila Rohland says

    Just need to submit and want to know where you acquired your template? I’m seeking for one for my new blogging site and really appreciate yours. Thanks so much.

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