lampa blyskowa w fotografii slubnej

It is with great surprise and pleasure that I noticed someone mention that my book on flash photography has been translated into Polish! (Thank you Robert Gabriel for pointing this out to me.) I know there are numerous photographers in Poland who regularly visit my site, so I am sure it is with their interest and support that this came to be. Thank you!

(I was going to use Google Translator to mutilate this into Polish for me, just like I did with the announcement of the Portuguese translation published in Brazil. But somehow my blog template doesn’t recognize the Polish character set at this point.)

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  1. 1Dragos says

    I can’t imagine how a book can be translated and the author doesn’t know. I understand that the publishing gave the rights, but where is the author in this equation? I mean at least a word about this, an email or something…
    Anyway, I am very glad for you that this happend! We wait the promised book!

  2. 2 says

    Nail, google’s translations into Polish are usually useless. I have made it for you.

    “To by?o dla mnie wielkim zaskoczeniem i ogromn? przyjemno?ci? kiedy kto? mi powiedzia?, ?e moja ksi??ka na temat stosowania flesza w fotografii zosta?a wydana w j?zyku polskim. (Wielkie dzi?ki dla Roberta Gabriela, który mi to pokaza?.) Wiem, ?e wielu fotografów z Polski regularnie odwiedza t? stron? i b?dzie to dla nich interesuj?ce i pomocne. Dzi?ki.”

    Regarding Polish character set issue please look at your thread on DWF.

  3. 3Tad says

    I’m also surprised that this book is translated without your permission. I’m sorry for that cause I’m from Poland and regulary read your Tangents. I think Galaktyka editor can’t rely on web translations, I’m sure editor has his own translator beacause they edit many books on photography lately. Hope it isn’t their practice to edit without copyrights. It is bad, bad, very bad practice. I tried to get your oryginal book in Poland but it was impossible, regularly read your Tangents, what is my source of knowledge, inspiration and always admire you for that. I hope you contact Galaktyka and ask about copyrights, thay sell many photo books in Poland and your book can be good selling position. Anyway it coud be good to ask other autors if they know about Polish translations of their books. I can’t see much about copyrights in their books.
    Regards, Tad

  4. 4Neil vN says

    It is in the contract with the publisher that they can negotiate re-publication into other languages while they have the rights. So in that sense, this is in fact done with my express permission. But I too wish they’d inform me. With the Brazilian edition I found out by accident via Twitter feeds. Anyway, Im really happy about this.

    Neil vN

  5. 5Melina Barrals says

    Neil, do you know if other translations are planned ?
    Of course, I’m thinking of a french one… lots of french speaking people would be interested too.

  6. 6Dragos says

    @Melina Barrals-If he didn’t know about the other translations, after sale, do you think he knows before sale?
    But everyone would like to read in his own language, and I wish to Neil more translations. He deserves it.

  7. 7Melina Barrals says

    @Dragos, yes but since he discovered this polish translation I may have asked the editor about other translations already on the way…

  8. 8Dragos says

    Honestly, I am very surprised that in Europe there is translation in Polish, but not in French. Maybe some requests from you directly to the publisher would help.

  9. 9Melina Barrals says

    Yes Dragos, I am surprised too because french speaking people doesn’t limit to France : it also includes Quebec, Switzerland, Belgium, several african countries, etc. I bet this represents much more people (customers !) than polish speaking people.

    BTW, in my previous message, I made a mistake, I wanted to say : “since he discovered this polish translation __HE__ (Neil) may have asked HIS editor about other translations already on the way…”.

    Wait & see…

  10. 11 says

    Oh Boy, Polish. Now I can learn Polish. You really should transfer this into a PDF and sell it online, and have an affiliate program through e-junkie so other photogs can help you sell it and make a little cash too.

  11. 13 says

    I am Brazilian and I bought his book. He helped me a lot to improve my technique with dedicated flash. I have also learned a lot from your blog.
    Many thanks and a big hug.

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