news: off-camera flash photography book

off-camera flash photography book

I’ve made occasional mention here about the book on off-camera flash that I was busy writing, and had now completed. Well, I made the publisher’s deadline, and now I have the final step in my hand – the ‘galley proof’ of the book. This is a copy of the final layout of the book. Now I just have to do the last few checks for accuracy and spelling and clarity. (You can see some scribbles in red pen there on the open page.)

The book on off camera flash photography is slated for release in April 2011. I will most certainly announce it here and via the newsletter when the book does become available.

Much of the material will be familiar to regular readers of the Tangents blog .. but I did my best in pulling this and additional material together as a cohesive book. My approach in the writing style was that the book should feel like you’re having a tutor there right next to you, talking to you and explaining the various aspects of off-camera flash photography. And of course, like my book on on-camera flash photography, this book comes with continual and unprecedented tech support.

About the photograph above … you may well ask, why two hats?

Well, there really is only one hat – my assistant’s cute black hat with chintz around it. I snagged it from her for the photographs. In the one photo I had the hat in my hand as I reached to steady the softbox. I liked the gesture … but I preferred my expression from another image where I was still wearing the hat. A quick edit gave me two hats and a photo of myself where I nearly nearly smiled. Those are rare. But hey, I feel happy inside. Especially about the book.

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  1. 5Anthony says

    APRIL 2011 !!!! but you have it right there, come on, you can just zerox that and send it out, at least to your past customers… :-) we will still buy it when it comes out.. Cant wait.

  2. 8Dragos says

    I also feel happy inside (and outside), reading you. Long time until April, but we have you here, in the first place.
    Good job, everything you do! Thank you, dear teacher and friend!

  3. 10chris copley says

    Put me on the pre-order list, roll on April 2011. Any sign of a DVD on the way? (put me on a pre-order for that too!). Wishing you continued sucess and looking forward to see you back in Ireland soon.

  4. 16Gene says

    Congratulations Neil. I just know it will be a smash hit. It is very rare that I am not disappointed with some of the technical books available on photography. You are the exception. I can hardly wait for your new book on off camera flash. From the wonderful photos you have posted here I just know I’m in for a treat. May sales surpass your wildest dreams.

  5. 19Patrick Brophy says

    You know I’m looking forward to having that! I don’t just read a book line On Camera Flash once and move on – I go back to it and re-read sections and then pick up my camera and do better than before. Earlier this week I ordered some gear based on your off camera flash blog posts (thanks for those links!) from B&H (through your link, hope at least something comes your way that way), it should arrive tomorrow – can’t wait to put it to use. And without a doubt I’ll be getting your next book!

  6. 20Neil vN says

    Thank you everyone for the kind words!

    I will have autographed copies of the book for sale again when it comes out.

    Now, as to whether my assistant looks better with her hat than I do … I’m not convinced.
    (btw, the light on her here is just from one ON-camera flash, bounced effectively.

    Neil vN

  7. 21forkboy1965 says

    Undoubtedly by April 2011 I will have become so distraught with my own attempts at off-camera lighting I will undoubtedly acquire your book or die trying.

  8. 24Vlad says

    Hi Neil,

    Congratulations!!! I read your first book 2 times and I will read this one as well. I am a big fan of electronic books (ebooks). Are you going to have this book in electronic format as well? This way I can have your book always with me on my iPod.

    Congratulations again.


  9. 28 says

    Tony … there was a few months delay between the USA and UK release with the first book. I have no idea what the UK schedule is this time around, but I expect the same thing.

    Neil vN

  10. 29 says

    Does this new book cover the use of kicker flashes? During the private workshop you did with my wife and I in August, in one set, you used a second SB-900/SB-800 to serve as a rim lighting on the model’s hair. I have completely forgotten if that second flash was set to TTL or manual (if it was manual, I don’t recall the power level).


  11. 30 says

    Stephen .. nope, this book is an introduction to off-camera / on-location lighting, and as such, I only use one light in the majority of photos. If there is a ‘kicker’ it is from how I position the models / subjects in relation to the sunlight.

    The second light you remember (the kicker) is in manual.
    But we may have done it via TTL and setting a different ratio / FEC.

    Either way would work. But manual is usually easier.

    Neil vN

  12. 31 says

    Hi Neil,
    Thanks for the reply. I’m getting excellent results with one off-camera light so far. :-)

    I’ll have to experiment with the 2nd light.


  13. 32Jeff says


    Amazon delivered the book to me today. That was unexpected. I feel so special. I’ve gotta say, this book is excellent!


  14. 33daniel leong says

    Hi Neil,

    Just happened to bump into your site and fall in love with it or rather you!
    Have been reading your topics days after days, I have never been into reading that much in my life, it keeps me going and wanted to learn more. Thanks for all your generosity and knowledge, I will be getting this book when it comes out and hopefully one day I have the funds to attend a private lesson from you, cheers!!!


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