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I’m a bit of a techno junkie. I love state of the art equipment, and I love the ease with which technology allows you to immerse yourself in photography itself.  I also firmly believe that as photographers,  our style should always be evolving, borne from our choices and not from our limitations. And as such, I try to keep my equipment up to date, so that any limitations I have as a photographer, are my own, and not due to my equipment.

I am frequently asked about my gear – what I use on photo shoots and weddings, and what I carry with me on a regular basis. While I mostly shoot with Nikon – my current system is based around Nikon D4 cameras – I also have a good selection of Canon gear.  And I love my Fuji X100s, amongst various other cameras.

Part of the motivation for being system ambidextrous – Canon and Nikon – is that I should be very familiar with both systems for the workshops & seminars that I present. Similarly, because I am an author of several books on photography, it is necessary for me to be familiar with both systems. I also want the Tangents blog to be system agnostic as much as is possible in terms of the techniques. This is very much part of the reasoning with the flash photography tutorials – if you understand the techniques, then the equipment matters less.

My first experience with photography as a young kid was with my dad’s PraktikaMat, and my first camera was a Pentax ME Super.  This was followed by a Pentax Super-A.  I bought my first Nikon in 1996 – a Nikon F90x. And in 2002 I embraced digital photography completely, selling all my film bodies immediately.

Since then I’ve used a steady progression of different D-SLRs of both the Nikon and Canon systems.  And on these pages you’ll find what I am currently using, along with a short description about the specific choice.


a selection of the best photography equipment

Click through the “Browse by Category” menu below for the cameras, lenses, flashes, and other photo gear that come highly recommended. Top quality equipment that will enable you as a photographer. There are also a few quirky selections and some must-have items that should be in your camera bag like that small roll of gaffer’s tape!


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4 Comments, Add Your Own

  1. 1Debra Wallace says

    Do you ever use collapsible diffusers or reflectors? I couldn’t find anything about that topic on your site and was curious about your thoughts.

  2. 3Debra Wallace says

    Do you think that’s because you tend to position carefully and use flash instead (being the flash master and all)? I did read the post by Chuck Arlund. His work is amazing, but I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the style, at least in that post. I was thinking more along the lines of the usefulness of diffusers in softening direct sunlight, but also wondering if it falls into the flash bracket category of photo equipment that gets bought and never used. :)

  3. 4Neil vN says

    It would need an assistant then, I think. The California Sun Bounce diffusers might be what you’re looking for.

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