off-camera flash equipment

review: Impact Quikbox Softbox (24 x 24″)

My favorite diffuser / modifier for off-camera flash, is the Lastolite Ezybox 24×24 for speed lights (vendor). The Lastolite Ezybox has featured often on the Tangents blog. (Here is the review). It’s easy to use and super-easy to set up. And in its original configuration, folds up to a surprisingly small bundle.

The good news for photographers who have been curious about the Lastolite Ezybox, is that Impact now makes a softbox – the Impact Quikbox 24×24 softbox (vendor), which is virtually identical, at a lower price.

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Canon wireless e-TTL flash triggers / radio transmitters

A bridal portrait (taken during one of the photo sessions arranged by the Hudson Valley Click), where it is easy to see the advantage of using off-camera lighting.

The strong back-lighting is used as a way to highlight the background and have the rim-lighting etch our model against the background. Of course, having her turn her back to the sun also helps with not having our model squinting in the bright light. We immediately avoid unflattering hard light on her face. But we then do need to add off-camera lighting of some kind to cross-light her.

I used TTL flash here, since I often find this is the fastest and easiest way to get good flash exposure. The flash was diffused with a white shoot-through umbrella, and I used wireless TTL triggers to control my flash.

Let’s have a look at our current options that we have to trigger the off-camera TTL flash …

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