wedding photography – creating those special moments

wedding photography - make those moments happen!

Anticipation and timing on the photographer's part is essential to getting those key moments on the wedding day. Certain moments will happen, so we have to be ready for them. This relies on your keen observation and you ability to recognize important moments. You have to know your cameras and equipment, and you have  Read more inside...

New Jersey wedding photographer

New Jersey wedding photographer - photojournalistic style

Drawing from a story-telling photojournalistic sensibility; and also from the classic style of wedding photography; with a dash of Fashion flair; and Romance ... the intention is to give you images that will forever recall this fantastic day. The images on the New Jersey wedding photographer blog will show  Read more inside...

the moment after ‘the kiss’


favorite image from the weekend – the moment after the kiss

I'm normally in the center aisle when I work as a solo photographer at a wedding.  But with the wedding on Saturday, I knew I could trust my 2nd shooter to nail the photographs I needed.  This allowed me the opportunity to move around, looking for other angles. I was hoping that Lori-Ann would hug her  Read more inside...