Tangents, a must-follow photography blog

Tangents, a must-follow photography blog

How very meta – a screen capture of the Tangents blog, as the lead image here. There’s a reason though – the Tangents blog got a nod by the people at e-junkie, as one of the Top 10 must-follow Photography blogs. It always feels good to get recognition for the work. So while I bask a little in this glowing moment, there’s also a thank you to everyone who follows this website. You’ve helped sustain this website into a something that has helped so many photographers along the way. This has been as much my own journey as I progressed as a photographer.

I frequently get thank you notes, telling me how much impact this website has had on their photography – and that is a huge compliment. It’s always good to hear.

A recent email that was quite touching …

Hi Neil

I e-mailed you some 5 years ago regarding my son, Matt, studying photography as a career. I am sure you have had far too many similar requests to remember this.

The reason for my mail is to thank you for your advice, Matt is in his final year and should qualify at the end of this year with a B Tech Photography.

I subscribed to your Tangets many years ago and eagerly await the arrival of each new issue, which I then read from front to back page. As a father who wants to have enough knowledge to be able to understand and discuss Matt’s progress and career with him, the information I gain from your written articles and images is priceless. I now have some knowledge about ISO’s, f-stops, on flash photography, location photography, portraiture, wedding photography and am able to help him make an informed decision about what piece of equipment he should purchase next. From speed lights, to triggers, umbrellas, soft boxes and numerous other pieces of photographic equipment, I am now capable of having a reasonable discussion with Matt. I have also spent many hours on location and in a studio set up, rigging up backdrops, lights and stands, soft boxes,etc. and then of course packing it all away again. Matt and I spend many happy hours discussing various topics, lighting techniques, equipment & images we read about or view in your Tangents newsletters.

I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us through Tangents and for the pleasure it brings us with each new issue.

Take care, Richard.

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  1. 1Matt says


    Congratulations!! Obviously a well-earned honor. Of course, these accolades are not surprising to those of us who have been following you and your site for a while.

    So bask away!

  2. 3Sam Cho says

    Neil, congrats and thank you for the Tangent blog. I check it almost everyday to read upon a new article and been doing this for the last several years. Anyone that asks me about flash photography, i always tell them that your Tagent blog is a must read! Thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge, really appreciate it!


  3. 4Rudy says

    awesome letter and awesome dad. He cares enough to not only support his sons interest, he also reads up on it so he can listen with understanding.

    The little I know about photography is mostly due to your site as well….and I often copy and paste your link when I see someone abusing on camera flash :)


  4. 6Corby says

    Congrats, Neil. Not only has the website been an unspeakably valuable resource, but I’d like to let everyone here know that Neil’s also a really cool guy in person (my wife and I were fortunate to have some photos done on our 10th anniversary back in June, and then got to hang out and pick his brain for a while). Great times!

  5. 7 says

    Well deserved! Your blog is on my bookmarks bar! You have so many informative articles here so thank you so much and keep up the great work!

  6. 10Rudy says

    Looking at some of the blogs in more detail, number 1 and your are diametrically opposed. Blog 1 is all about photoshop actions and fixing everything post. Your blog is geared to getting it right in camera. I think I’ll stick with your info…

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