tightening the hotshoe on the Canon 1D series

fixing a loose hot shoe on a Canon camera

I had someone ask how easy it is to fix a loose hot shoe on a Canon 1D series camera. Somehow the 4 little screws that hold the hot shoe to the camera body can wriggle loose over time, causing the flashgun to wobble.  This can even lead to poor contact between the flashgun and the camera.

Fortunately, it’s a very easy fix.
All you need is a set of jeweler’s screwdrivers.
This image should explain it all …

Indeed, you just need to lift that thin metal plate and unhook it, and slide if off …

… and then tighten the four little screws. I’d even suggest something like Loctite, or a similar adhesive to hold the screws in place in future.

When putting the metal cover back into place, make sure you hook it properly over the open edge of the hot shoe mount, so that the cover is seated properly.

And that’s it! Simple.

P.S.  the piece of gaffer tape that you can see there, is to hold the eyepiece into place so it doesn’t pop off so easily.

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  1. 4 says

    I’ve had this problem fo r18 months now. Looked at the camera god knows how many times to find a solution. Thought about unscrewing it all…. Never thought about googling it til just now! Two minutes later, I’ve saved myself from buying a new one! Thanks a Million! :-)

  2. 5 says

    wow thankyou so much for this tip. my flash started to screw up tonight at an awards night :-( a friend suggest i google for a solution. so when i got home i didnt and fixed it straight away..

    thanks also for the gaffa idea for the eye piece, ive already lost 2 eye pieces but not now.

  3. 6Tony Knight says

    I also had this problem, and could not see a cost effective way of resolving it. I am very grateful to have discovered this solution.
    Many thanks, it is so simple.

  4. 7Heather Flemming says

    SOOO grateful for this! I’ve been having problems for over a year now, and couldn’t figure it out (in fact, the folks at Penn Camera were hard pressed for an answer, too … hmmmm). I took apart my 580ex II and played around with that. Thought the wires in the foot were loose maybe. Nothing. I was heartbroken. A $500 paperweight. Then an epiphany! The pocketwizard didn’t work in the hotshoe, either! I had always used the 580 in the shoe, and the PW by PC connection for 1 light. Thank you, THANK YOU for showing us the way!

  5. 8 says

    another suggestion for locking those loose screws if you do not have locktite, you can use nail polish. and for possible intermittent flash sync problem between body and flash, clean bottom of flash contacts and camera body contacts with a pencil eraser.

  6. 9Mark Peters says

    If you are going to use loctite – make sure it is the blue and not the red. The red is permanent and if you ever need to replace the hotshoe you will strip out the screws before you get the adhesive to break loose. The blue holds well, but will break loose later when you need to make a repair.

    This procedure works on the canon off shoe cord as well which is infamous for loosening up.

  7. 10Doc Gonzo says

    Hey Neil!
    Thanks for this quick tutorial!
    I had a lot of misfired when shooting in portrait mode tonight, but not if I turned the camera the other way round.
    Found the hotshoe was wiggly, googled the fix on my phone and found this.
    Then I did a field-repair, with my trusty old Victorinox Cybertool, and the problem’s no longer there!
    Thanks a bunch dude!

  8. 12Shaun Ward says

    Thanks Neil

    I just had this problem occur with my MarkII during a press job. Thankfully I had a back-up but now the other one is fixed.


  9. 13James says

    Thanks for this quick tutorial!

    My flash will not fire due to poor connection. I misfired serveral kids portait (3 years old and younger)

    The flash shoe was loose

    You saved me ton of money for sending camera to Canon for small fixes.

    Thank you

  10. 15 says

    Dude, thank-you!!! I just got back from a fashion shoot and it was the first time I’d used a flash on this body… and to my HORROR it wasn’t working. I switched to my backup body, and was able to do the shoot, but I was SERIOUSLY frustrated and didn’t know what the heck to do! Well, I figured out the hotshoe was loose, but didn’t know what to DO about it. Google led me to you, and three minutes later I had a functional flash on my 1D. Whew! Thank-you for publishing this! :D

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