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Canon Vs Nikon

rafiayubrafiayub Member
edited February 2011 in general photography
I would like to share and know more about the subject what I am posting here.

Nikon: They are having a beautiful flash system with them and that is the best for that standards. And their camera body
pins and buttons are more into work in line and easy to deal with.

Canon: I think, their lenses are their assets. The rear side camera wheel utility is second to none. Expecting the new generation cameras to get more work in line with the canon 7d in mind.

Exactly my subject here is: The Nikon cameras are easy to work and more evaluative control on its internal softwares and hence the photographers responsibility is getting less and less. Where as on Canon, comparatively evaluative control on internal softwares are less and you should control many thing yourself.

What you think Sir?


  • Please see what I consider a fair, unbiased comparison of Nikon/Canon flash...
  • Rafiayub, the recent Nikon pro lenses are very good and rival the Canon ones. Canon isn't the clear winner in the lens race.

    The moral of the story is you have to be familiar with the camera and flash system you use.
  • Thank you Stephen.
    @jrsforums: Thank you for the link and It's a pleasure to read such a brilliant info.
    And kindly requesting to all 'please read it' and 'don't miss it please'.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I frequently get the question as to why I prefer Nikon over Canon.
    (I still maintain a small Canon system.)

    The answer is here:

    Scroll down to my comment #20

    I got tired of equipment not working directly out of the box.
    I got tired of unreliable equipment.
    I got tired of hunting down a sharp copy of the Canon 16-35mm f2.8 II
    and so on.

    But I generally shy away from the Canon vs Nikon discussions.
    I don't want to start a religious war over something which doesn't directly affect the Art of Photography.

    There are enough recent shots on my blog which were done with the Canon system .. and they could've been done with Nikon .. or any other system. They might've looked slightly different, dependent on the specific quirks and peculiarities of each make & model lens ... but ultimately, there's nothing much there to distinguish it as being shot with Canon. Or Nikon.

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Timothy ... cool blog posts. :)
  • @thank you Neil.
    @Jrsforums: Sir, Can you please go thru the last paragraph of my writtings and kindly please make your comments.
  • StephenStephen Member
    edited February 2011
    rafiayub: I would also not say Nikon's internal camera software necessarily makes it easier on the photographer. Your assertion is subjective, and it is difficult to prove. There are people using other camera systems who say they don't like Nikon's system. I think it depends on which camera a person starts with and how that person becomes acclimatized to the camera system. I started with Nikon and the Canon controls look clumsy to me now. I would need a period of adjustment to acclimatize myself to the Canon system.
  • I used Canon before I went started wedding photography, shooting wildlife and landscape. When I started wedding photography I worked along side a professional to get some experience.
    I lost confidence with the Canon gear due to a combination of errors with the bodies, struggling with flash and not being able to get a mid range zoom that worked for me.

    I changed to Nikon (D700, D3, 14-24, 24-70 & 70-200). The D3 and D700 are a great combo for wedding photography, the 24-70 is such a great lens, lovely and sharp.
    As for the flash side of things, yes it did get better but I think the CLS system just made it more fun, but the big big thing that improved my flash photography was attending one of Neil's workshops.

    I could say that giving what I know now, I could have gotten by using Canon, and I would still have my long wildlife lenses that won't be replaced for a long time. But to be honest the Nikon gear has been fantastic for the wedding photography and gave me the confidence that I lost with Canon, the only niggle has been the 70-200 VRI that lacks some of the clarity compared to the Canon, but I believe the MKII solves that. Nikon have also released a load of f/1.4 primes and VR super tele lenses, compared to Canon all they are really missing are maybe 2-3 lenses, but Nikon does have the 14-24 and 200-400 and newer versions of the 24-70mm and 35mm f/1.4
  • Thanks Neil :)

    (Assuming you're referring to me)
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