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Ranger System or a simple battery?

slravenslraven Member
edited July 2013 in flash & lighting
Hi guys

Just wondering if anyone has any advice.

I have a set of four Elinchrom d-lite 4s which I used in my mobile studio. I am looking to get more into off-camera light work outdoors (simple lighting for portraits etc) so I have researched the options accordingly.

I am reluctant to buy something like the quadra ranger system


on cost grounds. After all, I already have the lights so all I need is something to power them. So, I'm thinking instead of going for a pack to power one of my existing lights. Something like this: http://www.innovatronix.com/index.php/webshop/portable-battery-packs/tronix-explorer-mini-115v-60hz-detail

I'm wondering if anyone could advise? I'm not looking for advice on each of the above products specifically, rather advice about the choice: is is better to get a full system or just an additional battery pack for existing equipment? What things do I need to take into account?

Thanks in advance.


  • dmwarddmward Member
    I know some photographers that are using innovatronix battery packs with their Elinchrom lights and are happy with them.
    I use Einsteins with their pack. It is definitely a nice solution.

    Well worth it rather than investing in a new pack and head system just for the battery capabilities.
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