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D700 and hot shoe issue warning

edited July 2013 in Nikon
My d700 from 2008 got the hot shoe issue with the sb900 any of them that I own in april 2011, I had to fight Nikon to fix it after they took it in and charged me $250.00 and it came back just not right, it went back to them about three times for ISO Noise at any IOS and extream overexposure issues.

They issued me a refurbished D700 with new hotshoe and only 65 clicks on the shutter. worked great till it hit 6500 clicks, started shorting out again and it does short it can fry the circuts as it did my first one, the new hot shoe did not work for long, and by 6900 clicks of the shutter with sb900 on top, it failed, wont even flash now.

I have lost all faith with the D700 so sent it back with the grip and getting them to replace with a new model, not the d700, the D700 cannot be trusted fully for wedding photography. with sb900 on the camera, I bounce flash all the time this way and have off camera also. it fails, so sonner or later the D700 hot shoe will fail.

If you never have a flash on the hot shoe then no problem, but I like to work as light as possible at weddings so flash on camera bouncing is the way I work, The D700 will not do this for long, I have had to fight with nikon since april 2011 on this with getting it back each time with a clean bill of health and more issues going on with it.

So just be warnned if it does strobe fast or miss fire, its on its way out and if it does fully short, then it will fry the circuts totally and do strange things after that even without the flash on board.

Typical over exposure issue I got was overcast day, not too bright, shooting down at a ginger cat on the grass and the iso was set to IOS100 shutter to 8000 and aperture set to 1.4 the image was 5 stops too bright and the meter was set to matrix.

So be warned


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I've heard from other photographers as well that the D700 will randomly fire the flash. And the weak link there would appear to be the hotshoe.
  • I had the hotshoe problem on my D700. The SB900 would randomly fire while n the D700 after a long time of usage. From other internet discussions, the root problem seems to be that the D700 hotshoe was not designed to handle the heavier SB900 flashes. As a result, the hotshoe begins to warp and its base begins to pull away from the camera body.

    Nikon itself seems to be rather bad with service jobs. I have been routing any camera problems to Authorized Photo Service instead.
  • I had the same problem and thought it was the SB900. I bought an SB910 and it did the same thing, the flash will just start firing randomly multiple times without pressing the shutter button. The camera power also stays on much of the time when I switch the power switch to the off position.
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