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Burning DVD's to be viewed on a TV

amythntramythntr Member
edited July 2013 in post-production
I recently shot a Bar Mitzvah for my wife's friend. I used my D800 for video in the Temple and used Animoto to produce a video slideshow. I have a 2010, 17" Apple Macbook Pro on which I just upgraded the OS system to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (LR5 must have it to load) . I captured the video on an SD card in the form of 10 video clips.

I am able to to burn the videos to a DVD and it plays great on my MBP through QT Player but not on my TV thru my Blu Ray player nor on my Windows based desktop.

In addition, I created an MP4 of the video slideshow through Animoto and again it works great on my MBP but not on the TV, nor on my Windows based desktop.....

Extremely frustrating and have spent a tremendous amount of time to try to figure this out...Looking for some help here...thanks, Anthony


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