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6d or 5d mark III wedding photography

SharmaSharma Member
edited August 2013 in wedding photography

Hello Neil Sir.

  i do mainly weddings.  Using 5d mark II rite now with 24-70 2.8 L .. 70-200 . 15 mm . 17-40 .. 85 mm 50mm .
           want too purchase a another cam for wedding .. 5d mark III or 6d .. what do u suggest .. ?  af better in 5d mark III . . do we reallly need ? on 6d we can focus n recompose works ? im doing in 5d mark II ...high iso both cam gud .. shutter lag also approx similar..
pls guide... 
i asked this question as i have 7d also (i use for birding ) n i know fast autofocus n tracking helps .. but do we need 5d mark III af in a wedding ?  pls suggest 5d or 6d for wedding..


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