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Amount to back up?

JerryJerry Member
edited September 2013 in general photography
Say that you shoot an assignment and end up with 500 photos in total. 450 of these are of good quality and you have say 200 keepers.

Would you keep all 500 photos backed up etc, or only the 450? (We assume the other 50 is out of focus, blurred etc...)


  • For me, I guess it depends on the importance of needing backups. For example I'm doing a wedding in a few weeks, and before I even start doing any reviewing or processing, everything I've shot will be downloaded onto the laptop, backed up onto an external harddisk and then burnt to multiple DVDs (which will go off-site).

    Then I'll start processing. This is largely because I'm naturally paranoid, and won't be able to rest easy until I know I'm not going to lose everything I've shot!

    That said, I really ought to delete more stuff, but going back any looking at photos I've previously overlooked and finding a gem is a good feeling.
  • Hi Jerry
    I put my rejects from my wedding in a separate folder that I keep for a year , then I will take a quick look at the images.
    ( To see if there are any Gems ) Then delete the folder.

  • I back up every single RAW photo right after a shoot. Why back up only some? Why choose. You never know. Sure the chances you'll ever need the crappy ones are about zero but why take the time to pick and choose what to back up. Just back up the whole shebang and be done with it.
  • same here. I keep them all initially. Then I use the the LR function of saving the entire edited wedding as a catalog and delete the original files. I triplicate the catalog and save in different locations. I do online backup via the smugmug galleries...they are "only" jpegs but that is OK....what are the odds of loosing three catalogs with edited dng files?
  • Maybe I used the wrong wording when I said backup originally. I do backup everything after a shoot...

    But how much do you actually archive, as in keeping long term of the original pictures ones you've done all selecting, editing etc...?
  • Once you back up all the RAWS/originals I think you can be fairly liberal with deleting and only saving the edits you think you may use or need again. As long as you have the originals you're not losing anything or risking anything.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I only archive the selected RAW files, and the edited JPGs.

    I do keep the discarded RAW files until the albums are done, or 2 years have passed.
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