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What do you deliver to your clients

MatrixphotoMatrixphoto Member
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Im trying to figure out how to move forward next year.
I was wondering what photographers out were delivering to clients.

I currently deliver a Disc of High-rez images... It seems kinda lack luster just to to hand over Disc.

Lou Recine
Matrix Photography and deign


  • I currently offer 3 packages. 1st package is images to usb, these are blingy heart shaped usb's which I package nicely, tie with ribbon etc, I also throw in 4 mounted 7x5 prints, I don't advertise this as I like to over deliver to ALL my clients which gives them a sense of me being a nice guy and giving them more than is expected.
  • Well I'm not a high end photographer and do not charge the rates the pros do. I hate burning CD's so usually it is just a USB drive gift wrapped. We put together a book of their day which is included in the price and charge cost and shipping only for additional books which at that point is only a click away. The book really does it for them and they love the additional books at cost offer so it distracts them a bit from the USB so I guess it is not too bad.

    If I did this for a living I would go to the next level like cakencamera but would still look at USB options. You can get custom jackets for them, etc. I can hardly wait until the death of CD's/DVD's.

    Came across this at POTN

  • i love the USB idea! any recomendations for where i can buy usbs in bulk and possibly monogrammed with my studio name?
  • Hi Everyone Thanks for the great ideas....

    I like the USB idea , but Im afraid of the client reformatting it am I being over paranoid?

    I was thinking along this line

    Before DVD is delivered

    - Online Photo gallery for Proofs with watermarks - Im thinking of using www.instaproofs.com
    Other suggestions would be great.

    -Facebook gallery again with watermarks

    Then deliver a, may be with a nice print or two

    - Printed DVD in case.

    Lou Recine
    Owner Matrix Photography and Design.

  • TrevTrev Moderator
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    Currently, for those who pay for the images on disc, I am using the JVC-Taiyo Yuden Master Grade DVDs which are inkjet printable.

    However, lately I find that the 1 disc does not cover all the high res images and have to burn 2 parts. Since my DVD pricing includes 4 sets [2 for couple, 1 each parents] I am now having to burn 8 discs, print on the 8 DVDs, and print 16 5x7 prints I slide into the DVD cases which I also have to supply 8 of.

    I am now seriously thinking of going the 8Gb USB route, and only supply 2, since the clients can now easily transfer images onto their own USB sticks and give to parents.

    But I am also looking at presentation box/cases for them so it's not so simplistic.

    USB 8Gb $9.95; Presentation Case: Flash Drive Presentation Case: $3.52

    Total Cost for 2 would be $27 for USB/Case and with the 8 DVDs option approx. $35, but especially the time/effort involved in printing those discs [even with 2 burners] and the ink is vastly reduced.

  • ZenonZenon Member
    edited September 2013
    Good call Lou. I never thought of that. If the client reformats give them another USB. Takes less than a minute to transfer files. That is what I like about USB. Might be something to add to a contract. "If client loses USB or info we will replace up to 2 times". If you give them a number it make them think about it. Or use a cloud space service as a back up and just send them the files.
  • Another thing I do. Since LR output is so easy I provide a folder with large files for print and a second folder with files that are 800 on the long side so they can email images or put them put them on facebook, etc. Clients like that as it saves a step.
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