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Sony A7 with adapter as a third wedding camera?

Sold5Sold5 Member
edited October 2013 in wedding photography
I'm pretty sure most of you are aware the Sony A7 has been announced, and I think it's a compelling option, and am interested in others views.

My reasoning? I've been using an eos-m in with an adapter recently for wedding dance shots and it's giving me shots I couldn't easily get using my 5D mk3's. Eos-m on a monopod with adapter and either 50mm 1.2 or Sigma 85mm 1.4 in manual focus, one 600ex-rt on a stand beside the band in manual mode turned to minimum output, and another 600ex-rt on the eos-m with the BFT bouncing flash behind me. The eos-m screen lets me compose the shot, see the result before I shoot, and the monopod lets me manually focus pretty easily with a very high % of keepers. I wait till the optimum moment then get the shot with no autofocus delay - either by touching the rear screen to trigger the shot or using the shutter button.

One of my favourites: https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/1381806_10202162782457940_611997051_n.jpg

It's easy, fast, and fun but it's still a crop sensor and the high ISO is way off the 5D mk3 so a full frame option looks enticing.

I'm thinking the electronic viewfinder in the sony with an adapter to use the 50mm or 85mm canon mount lenses, plus the tilt screen on the A7 and the full frame sensor, along with probably a load of other bonuses would be worth the 1700 dollar outlay. Also it would make a more discreet full frame camera for candid shots, and maybe I could leave my 24-70 mk2 and my 70-200 mk2 on my 5d's and use the other range of lenses on the A7.

Any comments or opinions appreciated!



  • Steve,

    I have the Sony NEX 7, Sony A77, and the Nikon D7000. As you've pointed out you can use all your Canon lenses on the A7 as I do with my Nikon Lenses on my NEX 7 and A77. Any lens made by any camera manufacturer can be used on these cameras..Love these cameras! What's nice about the smaller form factor is the ability to go with a much smaller package or use the Whole enchilada. Options are a wonderful thing. Eventually you will see Canon and Nikon going to OLED view finders. Until you've used one, you don't know what you're missing, plus, you have the option to turn it off and use as a standard VF. As much as Canon and Nikon users hate to admit it, it's going to go that route. Aside from that, the IQ of these cameras from the NEX 5 series and upwards, to the new A7 and A7R and their overall abilities are astounding. Again, as with all cameras, it's the person behind it and not the camera, it's a tool...
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Would the Canon (and Nikon?) lenses on the A7 offer auto-focus?

    I need auto-focus for my work.
  • edited October 2013
    Neil vN said: Would the Canon (and Nikon?) lenses on the A7 offer auto-focus?

    I need auto-focus for my work.
    No Neil, just manual...Only Sony and Minolta lenses would be AF with the LA-EA4 adapter

    In any case, please, go and try one of these cameras, even the NEX 7 Neil. I love my Sony A77. I primarily now use my Sony A77 for everything. Only exception where I'd use my Nikon D7000 would be in very low light situations where a flash would not be permitted. D7000 I think is somewhere around 1/3 stop better in low light. Best thing I like withe NEX line or SLT line. When you change Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, or EC, it is instantly transmitted to the Viewfinder and rear LCD..so you can see the changes as you're making them, THAT'S HUGE!!!!...No Chimping, I think that's the word you all use. Other then VERY low light, or macro work, My Sony all the way.
  • Apparently the metabones adapter allows AF with canon lenses, this guy says so near the end under the heading 'good news for canon shooters'


    I totally agree that being able to see a live histogram, a preview of the shot with white balance etc is a huge help in getting the shot with less chimping. As well as being easier, it's more fun and a pressure-free way to shoot and apparently the electronic viewfinder in the A7 is pretty special.
  • With the real time information the EVF and the LED view finder on the Sony A99 is providing I prefer them over an OVF. I agree with Penndragonn and Sold5 there are some real benefits to EVF and LED view finders.
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