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Lastolite size

woosterwooster Member
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Hi folks. I am considering buying the lastolite Ezybox hotshoe box for my 600 EX RT. I'm undecided what size to get. I primarily want it for couples and I reckon the 30" box should do the trick.

OTOH I'm wondering if the 21" would be better as it might do couples and would perhaps provide a more interesting light for these and single person shots.

However, I'm also wondering if buying the 30" and grid would be the most versatile.

Any views?



  • I think that Neil uses the 24x24 (may not be avail now) for the majority of his images with great results. Not sure how the 30 is to handle. I think Neil may have tried another option also at an in between size. http://neilvn.com/tangents/review-westcott-rapid-box-26-octa-softbox/
  • A quick search confirmed Neil used the 24inch until the baffles weren't available anymore. Though another more detailed trawl has also given some good news. The 54cm ( 21inch ) version is the SAME size as the 60cm ( 24 inch ) version that Neil liked. Apparently Lastolite simply changed the name because they started measuring the box from flat to flat instead of diagonally from corner to corner. I'm now wondering if the baffles might fit the 54cm ( 24inch ) and so solve Neil's issue too.

    In any case I've ordered the 54cm one and I'm pretty pleased to get it sorted out :)
  • Lol good hope it works out. Let us know!
  • i have a 16, 24 and 30 inch size softboxes, if u have an assistant go for the 30" otherwise id recomend the 16 or 24 depending on the wind
  • ZenonZenon Member
    edited November 2013
    I recently purchased a 24" by 24" pro master and am very happy with it. Nice size for outside work.

    You want to make sure the hardware for mounting your flash comes with it. An interior baffle is a good thing to have as well. Read the reviews to check on durability and how well the outside diffuser panel fits.

    Here is a similar one
  • Well I bought the 54cm x 54cm Lastolite kit and it's going back tomorrow. It felt cheap and nasty to me and was not at all cheap to buy. The box itself was good quality but the plastic fittings for the bracket etc were nothing like the quality I was expecting.

    I also tried the Westcott 28" Apollo but for me it was impractical. It wouldn't tilt and the flash head sat way off centre. I was disappointed with this product too. I know there are workarounds but having spent over £120 on it already I didn't feel like shelling out anymore to make it work after a fashion.

    I know there are other options in the US but over here in the UK they work out very expensive and so we tend to look for Chinese product these days and I'm now looking at options on ebay.
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