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Question on Multi-cultural Wedding

edited November 2013 in wedding photography
First of all, would like to ask Neil in particular.

Been looking through your blog and articles for a long period of time. You always produce stunning wedding images which any cuoples would really be proud with their images shot by yourself.

Meanwhile, would like to ask, have you ever come across having to shoot a wedding ceremony or have a client approach with with some wedding that is not the typical wedding like we usually see groom in black suit and bride in white dress?

The wedding I am referring to may be Asian weddings perhaps Japanese wedding involving kimonos, Korean wedding in their traditional costumes for instance.

Other cases may be Hindu weddings in their gorgeous colours in such a cultural way of marriage or Islamic ceremonial type and formalities.

The rest may be some other form of wedding based on their cultures and ethnic that we may have never seen before.

If you do came across any kind of similar situation, would like to know how do you handle the situation since it is not the typical wedding we usually encounter. What are your procedure in terms of preparation, things to consider. Is there any particular lighting set ups and consideration different to how you would normally approach?

Please excuse my wordings and language usage that may be confusing.

Would love to read your view as well as any other photographers here sharing their experience on this issue.


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    You mean, have I shot Chinese weddings, and Indian weddings, (whether Hindu or Muslim), and have I shot any other weddings which are colorful? Most definitely.

    The best you can do is to do your homework to find out which traditions and customs there will be that you need to be aware of. In the end though, much of what we do as wedding photographers rely on being aware and photograph what is presented to us.

    Whether the bride and groom are in tux & white dress; or cultural dress; or having a pagan ceremony … we photograph the event. (If this makes sense?)

    For example, it really is good to know the sequence of events during a Hindu wedding or a Christian Orthodox wedding … you photograph what happens. Be there, and observe and be ready to photograph anything.

    Check my wedding photography blog: http://oneperfectmoment.com
    RIght at the bottom, there is the option to select Categories … I have the ethnic weddings listed.
    (Keep in mind that I am busy repopulating my blog after having purged older entries with small images and with poor SEO. So some of the Categories might be sparse at the moment.)
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