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Radio Poppers and Nikon CLS menu

Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
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Derrick posted this question in the one article on the Tangents blog, but since I am not au fait with RadioPoppers, I thought I should repeat it here, in case someone more knowledgeable has an answer:
Unfortunately I got a transmitter and receiver for the Radio Poppers just before the PW with Nikon TTL were announced. I only have the one receiver right now and have been very pleased with it. Considering another for my second speedlite. One question, do you know if you can control the groups using the Nikon menu in camera once you have the different units (Radio Poppers) setup on their channels, or do you have to control things from within the Radio Popper menu?

If from the camera CLS menu then I figure I just get one for each group and set it up out of the box for the correct channel and then label it and then I just need to match the receiver to the flash I want in X group and other than the simplicity of the dials in the AC3 I have much the same thing except I have to use the CLS menu.



  • Hi Derrick...I have used the Radio Poppers....In my situation I would have the transmitter set up on my SB-900 (via Velcro) on the hot shoe of the camera. I would have the receiver attached to my remote SB-800 via the velcro and foam "o" ring supplied by RP....

    The remote flash was set to "remote" on the flash and the on camera flash was set to "master"....all TTL controls were available either through the back of the SB-900 or aboard the camera menu...They do work....

    My issues with the RP's: 1. they are not transceivers so you have to buy an extra of each if you want backups, 2. Cost- $249/each for the PX system, 3. They are made like crap, 4. they use AAA batteries, 5. I have found that the flimsy push down buttons not work from time to time and 6. the LED readout is confusing....

    Hopefully, this helps.....Anthony
  • With the Radiopopper PX system you set everything as you would if you were using the Nikon CLS system. In other words set your off camera flashes to remote on the same channel, set each one to group A, B or C. Set your on camera flash to master or built in flash to commander using the same channel as was set on your off camera flashes. You then set your Radiopoppers to the channel you have selected. Use your CLS menu to control each group. The group settings on the Radiopopper transmitter are for use with the JrX series receivers.

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    amythntr said: "....all TTL controls were available either through the back of the SB-900 or
    aboard the camera menu...They do work....
    I'm a little confused about controlling remote speedlights. If I'm using an SB800 as a master on camera, how can I control the remotes? I can set the camera (D300 in my case) to Commander mode and use the camera's commander menu, OR I can set the camera to TTL and only use the SB800 Master flash's menus to control the remotes?

    So either way works fine? Is there an advantage/distadvantage to one way over the other?

    I appreciate your help!


  • Mark,
    To use an SB800 as master hold down the center select button for a few seconds until the menu system appears. Navigate to the master / remote menu and set the flash to master. With the SB800 as master you can control 3 groups and gives you the ability to raise, rotate and add modifiers. The commander mode can only control 2. Its also faster and easier to change master and remote flash settings with the SB800 as master.

  • Thanks Bob!
    One more question: So when you're using the sb800 as master and controlling all lights through the master flash, what is your camera set to for flash mode?
  • bobh665bobh665 Member
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    When I'm working fast I set my camera to aperture priority or manual if in low available light. Remote flash is usually set to TTL and on camera flash master to TTL -2 stops and bouncing off something when possible. If time allows I set everything manually. Experiment and try different things to find out what works best for you.

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