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Godox v860c for reception ligthting?

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Hello all, first I'll apologize for re-posting this in wedding forum, hopefully it'll help people like me.

I've used alien bees for reception, but have been itching to move to speedlites for convenience sake. For this I've been eyeing the Godox Ving v850c, but they did 1 up by getting the Ving v860c - difference, it has TTL.

The godox have a lifespan of 650 full power flashes before a battery change - needless to say, that's enough for the event.

I've never bothered with TTL during setting up the flash into the wall for bounce flash. I'm wondering if it's worth it going to TTL if I'm not worried about power consumption. I'm contemplating picking up either the v850 or v860, but haven't decided which way to go. Looking to see what experience is amongst the masses. Investment wise, it's not much, maybe 100 bucks difference, but the difference if I go to TTL for off camera flash from here on... Thank you all for your time.


  • TrevTrev Moderator

    I have looked at those flashes also, and the power and recycling times really impressed me and fantastic value money wise.

    If you have Canon system, sure, I would seriously look at the V860C (Canon version) with TTL for sure.

    When/if they produce a Nikon version I am getting one, no doubt. I already use the 'Cheetah' branded ones for my off camera flash from 'Cheetahstand' which are specifically made for them by Godox, but really specified for Cheetahstand.

    Regarding using TTL, with my flash on camera I am virtually in TTL (Nikon 900) all the time.

    Fantastic for getting it in the ball park exposure wise, and you are not changing the compensation as much as you would in manual mode.

    My off camera flashes, always in manual, but I can control them from my camera top.


    These are my off camera lights: https://www.cheetahstand.com/A-New-Bare-Bulb-Flash-Arrives-p/cl-360combo.htm

    Just for clarification, I am in no way associated with, nor do I receive any sort of recompense from CheetahStand, I just love the products Edward has specified from Godox.

  • Trev, thanks for replying. I have one other question for you, if you are using on camera TTL flash, are you also using the manual off camera flash at the same time? If so, how are you achieving that?
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited March 2014
    Yes I use both at same time but only sometimes, other times (like outdoors) it may be off-cam only, or flash on camera only, or both

    I use this Female Hotshoe to Screwlock PC Connector Cord

    It screws into the PC Sync on camera body, I mount the Female Hotshoe onto a bracket which comes out from under the camera body (screwed into tripod mount) so my Cheetah Light Transmitter sits on it connected via the cord and the normal hotshoe flash on top of camera as per normal.

    When I fire the shutter, the on-camera flash fires (if turned on) and it also transmits to the Transmitter at the same time which in turn fires my off-cam Cheetah Light. The trigger for this Cheetah Light also has power settings up/down so I can at the same time adjust the off-cam light (manual mode only) via the power settings.

    For shooting in Reception which is what you wanted, I will set up the Cheetah Light off somewhere in a corner, then hook up just like I stated above.

  • Trev - thank you for taking the time to respond!
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