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Web slideshow bad quality

SkipperlangeSkipperlange Member
edited March 2014 in general photography
I wanted to make a slideshow of high school seniors to market my need for senior portrait models from the upcoming senior class. I went with Pro Show Web because it was cheap and compatible with Mac computers. I made a show and it looks great on my computer. But I put it on Facebook and it looks terrible. I'm wondering what I can do to make the quality on FB better and, ideally, the same as the quality I see on my computer. I had had the photo sizes about 1800 pixels on long side and then, after seeing bad quality, reduced to 950 on long side (the FB optimal size so I'm told). I think the quality is slightly better but still unacceptable. Thanks!

PS: I'd go with Animoto except that the only purchase level there where you don't have the Animoto logo on your shows is $500 a year and I don't need or want that.

I tried iMovie but iMovie and I don't seem to get along. Can't figure it out.


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