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Photographing a Marimba Player

jcgoodsonjcgoodson Member
edited March 2014 in general photography
I'll soon have the opportunity to photograph a local high school senior who is an accomplished marimba player. Naturally, he'd like some photos with his marimba. I'm trying to brainstorm some location and lighting setups that might work. Any suggestions from forum members would be greatly appreciated!

The size of the instrument may present some challenges. I estimate the marimba is 6-8 feet wide and about waist high. Although moving the marimba is a chore (it can be disassembled), I think I can transport it somewhere other than its usual confined space in the owner's home. I am considering taking photographs in a local park, but the trees are still dormant here in the Midwest US, so that may not be very scenic.

My gear includes a Canon 7D, 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, three speedlites, a 2'x2' softbox, and a 9' wide roll of seamless white paper with a backdrop stand.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!



  • TrevTrev Moderator
    jcgoodson said: but the trees are still dormant here in the Midwest US, so that may not be very scenic.
    I think that would make for a great photo, stark BW with this big Marimba (had to look that up, man, a very large xylophone) would look good.

  • Just in case anyone was wondering ... here's how the marimba photo turned out. The day of the shoot was stormy, so taking the instrument to a park was out of the question. Between rain showers several of us quickly hauled the marimba onto the driveway. Although we only got five minutes of shooting time until the rain returned, I thought this image was useable. Lighting was via a flash and soft box on a stand to camera left. I used a 1/2 CTS gel on the flash in an attempt to match the color temperature of the garage lights. I never could have thrown this together so quickly without insights gleaned from Neil and forum members -- thanks!

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    That photo looks pretty solid work! Good lighting that is even, but still has directional quality. Nice.
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