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Some advice regarding gels for some birthday shots

technics100technics100 Member
edited April 2011 in flash & lighting
I have a couple of questions regarding shooting indoor shots. It's my wife's 30th Birthday party on Saturday and there is about 13 of us heading out for dinner. I want to take some shots and do something a bit better than the usual point & shot flash shots.

I will be using my Nikon D90, SB-800 and Sigma 18-50mm f2.8. I have ordered some black foam to make the BFT and will use TTL and bounce flash for speed and ease, but the questions I have are;

I have never been to the restaurant, so not sure about the lighting, it mentions on the website chandlers and candles, so I'm thinking quite a warm colour temp. I have the gels that came with the SB-800, so I have a orange & green gel. Do I fit the orange gel to match?

Then, do I set the bulb setting on my WB?

I will be shooting RAW so I know I can tweak the WB etc but I take it I need the light from the flash & internal lights to match. Also is there a base setting I should start? 1/60 with f4 and ISO 400? with TTL +1 etc????

Many thanks

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