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Asus PA248Q IPS Monitor

hkulahkula Member
edited May 2014 in general photography
Is anyone using the Asus PA248Q IPS monitor?
Is it any good for post processing and viewing photos, especially when compared to a TN Samsung LCD monitor approx 6 to 8 years old?


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Sorry hkula, I don't have anything concrete on this monitor, seems like a good price for what it is but cannot vouch for it's calibration features.

    One thing I noticed in the specs is that is has a ridiculous Contrast Ratio of 80 MILLION to One (unless that is a typo) and Brightness 300 cd/m2 which would be great for gaming, but most definitely would need to be brought way down to get it to 'print matching for photographic paper' when viewing.

    That contrast should be in the order of 200:1 or less, and the Brightness around 120 cd/m2 or less (mine is 190:1 and 95 cd/m2)

    The Viewing Angle is same as my Eizo CG top class monitor which means you can see edge to edge, corner to corner, the same luminosity without it going darker when you look at it from the side (if you were for some reason have it set up like that).

    The Pixel Dot Pitch is good on a par with some Eizos.

    Other than that I am afraid it's a no more info on it from me. It's pretty new isn't it?

  • hkulahkula Member
    Trev, thanks for your feedback. I am currently trying out this monitor and so far I am very impressed.
    I have calibrated it with a x-rite i1display pro keeping the brightness around 120 cd/m2 for now.
    Viewing angle is great as you noted. The colors appear much much richer than with my older Samsung which I believe is attributable to the IPS panel that the Asus monitor uses.
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