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Red Cast on Printed Images

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I have an older Brother printer that I use strictly for general purpose. I upload my images to several sites for printing. So the other day I thought I'd print a 5 x 7 image from a random shoot. So I'm getting this light reddish cast over the entire image when printed. So, I tried cleaning the print heads, same thing, Reddish cast. then, I tried changing the Magenta Ink cartride, thinking the ink was somehow compromised, same thing reddish cast over entire image. Image on my monitor and in camera look perfect. Gotta be something simple, or I'm missing something. Anyone have any idea?


  • TrevTrev Moderator
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    Printing from computer to an Inkjet Printer requires a Custom ICC Printer Profile to be done, as 99% of the time you would not get a perfect result straight up printing as is (well, not if you are pedantic).

    This service would need to be achieved by a Pro Lab which specialises in prints, etc., and who give you a specific ICC Profile which you would then choose in Photoshop when sending an image to your specific targeted printer only.

    I am not talking about an ICC profile for your Photoshop which you would use all the time, don't fall into that trap, only for your actual printer.

    A far cheaper method would be a 'trial and error' by opening up your Color Balance in Photoshop, and maybe dropping the Red back by say -10, print and see.

    It's something only you could work out of course.

    Here is something about Printer Profiles, and how they work, this lab site is Australian but the basics of what you would need to do with another lab in your area should be the same.


  • Good to see you again Trev. In the past I've never had issues with my printer, printing anything! All of a sudden I'm getting this Red cast. Never had to calibrate monitor, or printer. don't use Photoshop, just Lightroom, CyberLink Photo Director, and a few other editing programs for basic editing purposes. As I stated, All my Shoot photos get uploaded to several online sites for final editing, then sent back to me when completed. I'm thinking it's the printer. Just wish there was a definitive way to find out before investing in another printer. Thanks Trev.

  • TrevTrev Moderator

    Okie, I did not know you had no problem prior, so assumed you tried it and it gave you that result from the get go.

    Hope you sort something out soon. Sounds like something then in printer settings, did you change anything (long shot, don't see why you would have).
  • Trev,

    Only thing I did was re-install my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS, and all associated drivers. I did have an issue with getting the printer drivers to install. Brother had no drivers for Windows 7. had to use Windows Vista drivers. Took me some time to get it to work. Must be something in there that's causing it. I'll have to recheck pprinter settings. Don't know why there'd be s asetting limiting or enhancing colors in any way. We'll see. Thanks again Trev.
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