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Double memory cards on D4s

sasko1sasko1 Member
edited June 2014 in general photography

I need some help here, if someone could enlighten me.
These new cameras (D4, D4S) all have double slots for memory cards. Now I was thinking, how those cards work.

For example... I have set that images first go on my CF card and when it is full, photos continue to go to XQD card. So far OK... but what If I remove CF card when is full and replace it with empty one (XQD still not full). Will the camera continue to write on XQD card and then go to CF, when XQD is full?

Thanks for explaining it to me. I just hope you can understand, what I want to know.,


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    If you have set it to Overflow, then the camera will resume writing to the main card (CF), as soon as you put a new card in.
  • sasko1sasko1 Member
    I have set to Overflow, yes! So it always jumps back to CF card, if it is set to main card.
    Neil, do you think it should cause any problem if I have for example a few CF cards to change and one XQD in second slot for a wedding? I guess a few images from different time of the day will be on XQD for the time I find out that CF is full.
    How do you recommend to make this "overflow" thingy? Should I have both cards triple? Or just couple of CF for back up?

    Thanks for help
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I wouldn't recommend Overflow, I'd strongly suggest you use the dual card slots to Backup.

    I shoot RAW + RAW, on two 32 GB cards in each D4. Good safeguard.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited June 2014

    I must admit like Neil I would opt to shoot RAW + RAW for backup.

    This was most evident to me around a month ago, a wedding photographer here rang to tell me about her experiences being a second shooter to a friend of hers, and she even lent the friend an 16G SD card to put into her Canon 5D MkII but this shooter just left it at default (never used the 2nd slot previously) and nothing wrote to it as it was in overflow and she had not filled the main card.

    Well Murphy's Law kicked in card fails, she wails, cannot rescue 1 single image, ALL lost (oh the card brand, something I have *never* heard of, "but it was so cheap", no wonder) and since it was a no-name brand nothing could bring back the images.

    Luckily my friend who is an absolute compulsive shooter, shot all aspects of the wedding, even the family stuff be it from different angles but she got enough to record the entire wedding.

    The irony is the bride insisted on this woman to shoot her wedding, even though she has never shot one before, and this photographer even recommended her friend (the 2nd shooter) to do it, but bride 'could not afford' the 2nd shooter, and the price difference (wait for it): $550.

    Let's see, my friend told me the run down.

    Bride's Dress (oh bride strutted about all day bragging): $6000
    Reception Venue: $35,000
    Flowers: $2300
    Bridemaids Outfits: $5000
    Hire Cars: $2500

    Photographer's Fee (she never shot one before): $1950

    Look on Photog's Face and the Editing Person when my friend walked in to her office to see gloom and doom: Priceless.

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