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CF card speed, should I care?

SkipperlangeSkipperlange Member
edited July 2014 in home

CF cards that have more speed (speed doing what?) are more expensive so presumably better. Why get a 'faster' card? If I do not do video does it matter? Thanks. Here are links to fast card and slower card. 1066x speed rating v. 800x speed rating.

I am guessing they record photos to the card faster? But if I'm not doing a paparazzi blitz why does that matter? Do they do anything else faster?




  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited July 2014
    You surmised correctly, it's only difference is speed in 'writing' so if you don't expect to be shooting dozens of shots rapidly and frequently, don't need it.

    They will also download images faster to your computer, but once again nothing to really gain, instead of say 4 mins to download 1000 images it may do it in 2-3 mins, does that warrant the double almost price.

    I am still using the Extreme 60-90mb/sec cards on D3s bodies and there is not a problem at all, so with the 800x producing 120Mb/sec that's plenty fast.

    Those 2 cards (800 & 1066) with such a price difference getting the 800x would be sensible as you can get 2 for a very small price difference compared to just 1 of the 1066x card.
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