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Rectangular Softbox or Octagonal Softbox

PDH7981PDH7981 Member
edited August 2014 in home
I am looking to purchase a new softbox for environmental shooting as I'm planning on upgrading my lighting gear real soon and the upgrade will be necessary. Currently, I'm using a speedlight in an Impact 24"x24" double diffused softbox on a lightstand, which for the most part, I'm happy with. I generally don't have any assistance working with me as I'm pretty much a solo act when it comes to photographing singles or couples. Weight is always a concern and, of course, light quality. So I have two decisions to make that I would love some feedback on.

1) Should I go with the typical square/rectangular softbox like I have now or should I branch out to Octagonal shape? I guess what I'm asking is if there's any difference in light quality or spread of light using one or the other. I understand the catch-light difference, just looking to hear back on what the general preference would be of one or the other keeping in mind this would be used primarily outdoors.

2) How large should I go? I'm thinking no more than 36" on my longest side (or diagonally in the case of the Octa). Again, size, weight, ease of assembly are considerations.

Any feedback in this area as well as additional considerations I should be aware of would be greatly appreciated.
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