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Destination wedding

cakencameracakencamera Member
edited August 2014 in wedding photography
I will be doing my 1st destination wedding in Greece next May, anybody else do destination weddings? If so what gear do you take? Any tips? I also need a suitable camera bag as the one I have is far too big and the other is far too small. Id like something I can take on as hand luggage. I intend on taking two bodies, lenses wise 1x 70-200mm, 1x 24-70mm, 1x 15-30mm, 2 speedlights and a small tripod ( the tripod could go in hold).


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited August 2014
    As far as camera bags I travel with the Think Tank Airport Take-Off Rolling Camera Bag, it meets international carry on luggage standards as I would never dream of not carry on.

    It has several methods of using it including shoulder strap (I've never used those but it's there), roller wheels, has side/top/end carry handles.

    Very reliable and have had mine for around 5-6 years, gets dragged all over the place, over grass, paths, up stairs, etc., even dragged it on the beach (although I would not recommend that, needed a compressor and air gun to clean out the sand).

    Price: $369.75 not cheap but you don't want cheap carrying expensive bodies/lenses.

    I used to use Lowpro Pro Roller x200 AW bag, but after 3-4 years, I noticed all this tiny flaky black stuff on my gear, the bloody rubberised lining to make it waterproof on the inside started to deteriorate and come off, out came the gear and into the damn bin the bag went.

    Regarding your equipment, what you put is basically have I have with exception of a wide angle as mine is Nikon's 14-24mm.

    In the main body compartment of my bag I have:

    2 x Nikon D3s bodies both with lenses attached and both with a bracket attached beneath the body for my remote triggers
    2 x lenses 70-200/24-70 attached to bodies and 14-24mm wide angle seperate.
    2 x SB 900 Flashes
    4 x remote triggers
    Sekonic Ambient/Flash meter
    2 x Gepe Card Safe for CF cards (holds 8 cards)

    In the top flap compartment I have cleaning gear, filter gels, spare batteries, other odds and ends

    In the zipped compartment inside the lid when main compartment is opened I have various spare cables, etc.

    Good luck!


  • Cheers Trev. Looks like thats the bag for me!
  • One thought that I noticed while in Cuba at my friend's wedding was that the resort videographer was right in the front, in the way of the whole ceremony. They were really obnoxious so it might be a good question to ask them if they are having anyone do the video from the resort or if they have a wedding planner at the resort. Often times there is a person who will run the wedding and times and set things up and also make changes pending on bride and groom, weather, location of ceremony....

    Check out the rules for shooting a wedding at that resort as some countries ask that you register, but its more than likely you are paid up as a guest. If not, you will have to follow the rules to gain access to the resort.

    Note that people, unless in a chapel, wander through your shoots and stand around watching and getting in the way :D

  • Thanks Jenn, I'll bear that in mind
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    edited September 2014

    When I photographed this wedding in Australia, I took the minimum of gear.
    Two Nikon D4 bodies.
    24-70mm f/2.8
    70-200mm f/2.8 VR II
    (and I think I took a macro lens?)

    Three speedlights and two battery packs.
    A monopod and the Lastolite 24x24 Ezybox.
    (I had my wife with me who helped and assisted by holding up the softbox.)

    I can't imagine traveling with less gear, except perhaps to add a light-stand if I were on my own.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    And I big yes on the Think Tank Airport International roller bag
  • MichaelVMichaelV Member
    edited September 2014
    There is one thing on the list which is being forgotten and that is a high quality insurance policy where if anything were to happen to the gear you would be paid. There are many great common sense techniques to guard against wrong-doing and sudden catastrophe. However, the people who do wrong are specialists in doing wrong. Whatever you do, the best of the wrong-doers will be walking away with your equipment.

    Before you go, make sure your insurance is valid and high-quality.
  • Thanks MichaelV, I had thought about insurance, in fact that was top of my list. Never do a job without it.
  • I will tell you why I bring up insurance. I authored a separate post on this and in other forums because I was so concerned. I just got back from St Martin and its a picturesque place. However, there seems to be a crime wave of sorts with very bold robberies going on. If you are the average tourist carrying a point and shoot than you are ok. However, if they see you take anything more expensive out like a phone, a DSLR, etc. than they swarm in on you. Those innocent teenagers over there are not so innocent. One of them is carrying a revolver and ready to grab your equipment at gunpoint if need be.

    When I "Googled" tourist robberies or photographer robberies I found out this is becoming the new thing all over the world even around the United States. Just up the street from was a burglary and I live in a quiet suburban neighborhood.

    In this one article, a photojournalist in the Bay area had five cameras stolen from him.


    So I would put insurance at the top of the list.
  • Five cameras? Two yes, but why would you want to carry 5 cameras around with you? I have had a gun pointed at me because I wanted to take a photo of him (a policeman in male, Maldives) Where ever I take my camera abroad I would find out about crime, I expect insurance policies would vary according to which country you visit and how bad the crime was in that particular country. I remember my wife and I were warned about not to go on the beach in the evening in the Dominican republic, or even venture out of the complex.
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