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Hello, I do not know English, I'd wanna ask for help in determining the parameters of the camera and flash.

1.To image is underexposed - ambient light ~ 2.3 EV, better underexpose min. 4-5EV (almost dark image)? - The hall light fluoroscent.
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1bvm5bc0mzbjv9j/AABDCPlwy4PIxALj2FSU4aWea?dl=0 - it does not look interesting ;(

light for exposure without flash: f 2.2 1/50 ISO 800 (50mm 1.8 Canon 60D)

2 What are acknowledging safe time on the wedding hall with the flash, the underexposure - 2.7 EV, in terms of dance and flash freezing, or 1/30?

Sorry for the mistakes, I do not know English, I wrote with google translate. Regards.


  • The exposure looks OK to me. According to the exif, this was shot at 1/100, f/4.5, ISO 1600 at 18mm. There are very bright fluorescent lights in the shot, so it is going to be a challenge to light this well.

    I think slower shutter speeds would have risked blur of the subjects.

    To me, the main improvement would have been to match your flash lighting to the fluorescent by applying a green gel to your flash head. Then you would set your camera's white balance to fluorescent and shoot. Ideally, make sure you shoot in RAW so you can make effortless white balance adjustments and other edits later.

    I hope this helps.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    I agree, the only thing needed would be the WB adjusted a little.

    Also, maybe a gel on flash so to help balance the flash with ambient a bit more, but certainly exposure wise it's very good.
  • Approx., and if he does not use a filter, only overcome ambient light, how much EV underexpose?. There is always time for a trial of filters.
  • I do not fully understand your question, but with these topics there is no definitive, correct answer. You may need to experiment, and it depends on the results you are looking for. If you are talking about shooting the reception and dancing, take a look at Neil's article here (link below).

  • Nikonguy, elimination fluroscent,what parameters 1/100 f 4.5 ISO 400 and a clean image ?
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