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Setting Ambient exposure? Probably obvious answer.

I'm probably over complicating things here but I am a little confused. Lets say I have a model and want to underexpose the background slightly and then bring the model into proper exposure utilizing OCF. If I understand the teaching of Master Neil then I would first have to look at my background and use my camera meter to properly expose for the brightest portion I want shown. Then recompose and re meter for the models exposure.
My questions are these.
1. When metering for the ambient exposure do you utilize spot metering or center weighted or matrix? My thoughts would be spot.
2. After getting the proper exposure set for ambient to you hit your exposure lock? Do you just get it set, underexpose the ambient some and then recompose and let TTL do the rest?
3. When shooting this simple model/darker background scene would one typically stay in manual or ap/sh priority?

Forgive my newbness. I honestly think I've read all the tangent blogs and have reached brain saturation.


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