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New PayPal 180 Return Policy

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           Has anyone seen this? Starting this November, Once implemented, anyone buying anything using Paypal, will have  up to 180 days to return anything purchased from any site. This in essence means I can go buy all top of the line equipment, go on a Safari, come home, and return all the gear saying it was having  whatever kinds of issues, and get a full refund, with seller paying return shipping as well. If this is true, we're in for trouble...I won't ever sell anything of value using Paypal. Strictly Credit Cards, Cragslist local pick up, and  Amazon. BUY AMAZON STOCK!! Once this becomes the standard, and word gets around, and I'm sure it will quickly, amazon sales figures will sky rocket., maybe  then Paypal will reverse this horrible Policy.

           Mmmm, let's see, let me  go on the BAY and buy an almost new Nikon D4, a few Lenses, a few VERY expensive SB910's for an upcoming Wedding I have.  Do the event, backup and process all the files, get paid, and then send all the euuipment back, a month at a time for up to 180 days. Wow, sounds like a good idea. I'll never have to buy new gear again!  Or, anything for that matter.  Future sellers beware!





  • TrevTrev Moderator

    It may be good for buyers Ron, but as you said, for sellers, wow, huge ramifications for sure.

  • Just imagine  how this is going to be abused...
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    I would have thought there'd be tons of replies to this post. I posted it on other  sites as well, and pretty much same result. Seems people aren't concerned with it at all. They'll all see when they get burned in the VERY near future after selling a lot of very expensive gear...Buying new gear with that money, then, having to reimburse someone who had abused said gear, or got buyers remorse,  or just purchased the gear for an event, up to 180 days. We'll get  some people concerned then...Remember this post...
  • HowieHowie Member
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    I don't use PP for gear sales or purchases to/from individuals, and I don't use ebay. So, in essence, I don't care what PP does. Seems like a stupid move on PP's part, but their previous, fraud-inducing policies weren't the most brilliant either.


    Okay Howie, I'll bite, what method do you use to sell gear? Direct....in person, Credit Card Transaction, Amazon,  or Craigslist with local pick up only...?

  • CC, personal check, USPS money order. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is using PP Gift to avoid paying the fee. If the deal goes sour, well, it was a "gift" after all.
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    They have have their respective advantages as well as disadvantages, but def alternatives.


  • Are people really this dishonest? I want to say the kind of fraud you are predicting won't happen but maybe that's naive. Plus, even if only a tiny fraction of buyers are cheats, well, that translates to thousands of buyers if you're a B&H or another big retailer. Why give buyers six months to return something? I hope the B&Hs of the world don't drop PP for this reason as I find PP a very convenient way to pay for stuff.

    This reminds me, though, I think the retail world has a service that tracks returns and can identify people who return a lot of stuff (probably thru emails or credit cards, etc.... maybe even PP accounts) and so I don't think these dishonest returners get away with it for long as they are banned from buying (or returning) after a while. Some sort of fraud prevention system...
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    I think that the one thing is many people won't even know about that return policy, I mean I would never have known if not for the initial post and therefore would not have tried to return something.

    It's like PayPal is now forcing a 'warranty' of sorts upon the Retailers giving all the power to the consumers who, if they are serious would know their rights under those buying conditions and not having PayPal be the 'Police' on this.

    You may be right Skip in most are honest, but believe you me there will be a hell of a lot of people who will pull this scam off if they are legally able to.

    As sure as there are flies on a cowpat it will happen.

  • Interesting thought about PP forcing a six-month warranty on retailers. From that standpoint, not a bad idea. God knows I've bought things that have gone south well after the return period.
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                     have you read any of my posts Skipper?

                     So because an item went bad after you bought and used it, it's okay to return to seller for a full refund?  REALLY???

  • It depends why it went bad. Obviously if I dropped it or otherwise caused the damage then of course not. But if it there was a problem that wasn't apparent until after the return period then yes it would not only be ok to return it, you should return it. Do you really think you should get stuck with a faulty product that is malfunctioning or non functioning?

    Your comments complain of abuse and intent to scam sellers. That's very different from scenarios in which I think buyers should be able to return stuff long after purchase. I was referring to retailers but the policy shouldn't be any different for consumer to consumer sales such as on eBay. If I sell someone a lens and he discovers there's a problem or it gives out in two months (if I represented it as in excellent shape) then I hope he sends it back to me. The fact that I have already spent the money is irrelevant. Why should he get stuck with it?
  • Because anyone can claim anthing long after the sale. With your example, if after using something for two months, then having it go bad, how is that the sellers  fault? Things   give out or wear out or simply stop working...No way should a seller be held responsible for inoperable equipment after it has been used    for two months!  EVER
  • If a brand new expensive camera or flash or lens gives out after two months or even two years, through no fault of the buyer, she should be able to return it. Yes, the seller should stand by its merchandise. Forever, and maybe still, LL Bean gladly accepted merchandise returned years after purchase simply because it did not last as long as it should've.

    The difference between you and me Penn is you're imagining everyone's ready to commit fraud given the opportunity. I'm looking at this from the standpoint of legitimate reasons why something might be returned after the typical return period.

    I don't see the return apocalypse you envision. The fact is if someone wants to buy a pricey camera, use it for a wedding or trip to Africa and return it, they can do that now under a 30-day return policy. So what's the difference? With 180 days they'll have longer to return something but I don't think the number of cheats will increase.
  • I'm sure that  within a short period of time we'll be hearing of this exact issue from one of our members, but for now, We'll agree to disagree  sir.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
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  • Doesn't seem like much Neil, but I guess it's better then nothing..
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