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PC Shutting down

Hey gang.


                I'm running Lightroom 5.2 and just today, after Processing images from a retirement party, Lightroom on exporting finished files, shuts down my PC.

It did export about 30 pictures before shutting down. Took me about an hour to finish the export of 388 pics, with the same thing happening over and over. Never had this issue before, and I'm stumped. Shut down all running programs and  my Anti-Virus as well. anyone have a clue? I am running an older PC with 8 GB of  RAM, and a Dual core Intel 3.0 GHZ processor. Never been a probelm up until today. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Is it totally shutting down or just going into sleep mode? If its just going into sleep mode In control panel check your power options and see how much time before it goes into sleep mode. It shouldnt since your exporting but Ive seen things like this happen before with uploading and downloading files.

    If its shutting down and when you turn it on again it goes through the normal boot process its could be your power supply or over heating. For over heating open your case and make sure the processor fan is working and the fan and heat sink are not packed with dust. The easiest way to check the power supply is to just try another one.
  • I'll give it  shot and check it out when I get home from work tomorrow. Thx
  • I took the extra step and cleaned the case, fans, GPU, PS, and motherboard. Same issue. So, I did remove the CPU fan, cleaned the contacts, and reaplied  the Thernal Paste...Wha-La!!!  Singing again! Thanks for advice and help... Whew!!!!!
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