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Photographing wedding receptions with Dj's with crazy lights with all the different color? How to ?

CarlosZCarlosZ Member
edited November 2014 in wedding photography
What is the best way to take photo's at the reception if they have a DJ with all the crazy colored lights on the dance floor at reception including up lighting? What your setting should be and how to use your flash? Can anyone post a example how to. Neil if you can in the future post a wedding photo on how to handle DJ lights at reception  this would be a great help to all wedding photographer how to handle this situation. I am aware you post one in the past but it would be great if you gave us more info? Thank you in advance. If anyone else has info please post and also thank you in advance. This issue is happening a lot at most weddings. What I mean is step by step what to do? Most wedding photographer handle it but it would be great a step by step way to handle it.


  • I guess you could write down a list with all the different stages during the wedding, I wouldn't turn up at a wedding not knowing before hand what photos I would be taking that day, it's just an idea......

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    edited November 2014
    Carlos, there are too many variables here to give blanket advice.  
     Can you post some examples you've had to deal with? (and your camera settings)
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Alan .. that's an answer to a different question. 
  • I have yet to try this and I may never but I have seen some very natural looking shots in no so great lighting the photographer has 2 or 3 strobes with shoot through umbrellas. You overpower the ambient which is easy with no DJ lighting. It all depends on how strong the DJ's lights are, direction, etc. 

    I can't think of another way to do this with flash on camera except shooting at sync speed to kill as much ambient as possible. I have no real problem with that but with the first dance and other key events I would probably ask him to shut them off if they were horrible. I'd discuss that with the couple as well. When they are all out dancing then it is what it is.       
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    The best option if the DJ lights are bright, is to shoot against the lights. 

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