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  • Nice job! Your timing is great. You captured two wonderful (though very different) expressions at just the right second.

    The first would have been better if we had been able to see what the boy is so excited about -- looks like a colorful cake? Better depth of field there would have told this story better and more clearly. But I know sometimes these shots happen so quickly you don't have time to fuss with settings. And of course the boy is a bit blocked by the cake (if that's what it is). But it's a fun photo still. It is nice that the adult behind him is so out of focus so as not to compete with him for our attention. 

    The little boy in the lower photo is very nice but I would have liked to have seen his feet. I also would have liked him more isolated from the others, maybe by himself or if the others had been more out of focus. As long as there are other adults in the shot I'd like to see all of them. Just a preference on my part. But again I know you don't always have time to control everything.
  • Superb photographs! Your timings are perfect! Well, I am also looking for a photographer for my wedding anniversary. We are going to book a destination location for vows in Bali. I am so thrilled for my first wedding anniversary!
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