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yongnuo triggers

Had a bit of a mare this eve at a wedding. Set up ocf and was using yongnuo triggers, the one on camera wouldn't work, the batteries were fine, there wasn't anything wrong with it. I spent a good 20 mins trying to fathom it out until in the end I swapped them round and hey presto! My question is, why? Why would they not work one way round, ie, one on camera and the other off camera yet if I switched them they worked, same settings. Very confusing but glad I sorted it in the end and got the shots.


  • My Yongnuo transceivers froze up on a shoot last month.  I couldn't remedy the issue on the fly and eventually switched to optical triggering.  I later discovered that resetting the triggers solved the problem, whatever it was.  If I recall correctly, the Yongnuo transceivers are reset by pressing and holding two of the buttons ("CH SET" and "GP SET," I think) for a few seconds.

  • Thanks Justin, I'll have to remember that one. Have a good Christmas
  • I had initial teething problems which were entirely my own fault, I hadn't been pushing flashes/transceivers all the way into the hot shoe but once I realised my mistake all was good. Using the TX commander is a god send, I did have an issue with one of the four transceivers not zooming the flash head from the commander but a quick reset of that unit sorted it and all works as it should.
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